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Why Use Office 365 home

What Are The Benefits Of Office 365

1. One of the major benefits of microsoft 365 is it can be install on a maximum of five computers in your household for the same cost.

2. You will have unlimited storage on, Microsoft offical online storage platform. This means you can access your music, movies and documents anywhere you are in the world. Say good bye to the days of computer crashing and you loosing all you important information.

3. Free 60 minutes of skype calls landline in many countries is a part of the benefits of using this office suite on a monthly basis.

4. You can also install office 365 home of five tablets to.

5. All new microsoft updates to their office suite will be done automatically to your 365 home suite to.

6. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly depending on your budget.

7. Visit to share your microsoft office 365 home with your family members. Ensure you log in your microsoft account first.

8. You can veiw all your microsoft purchase using to see all your billing information.

9. Office 365 home can run on windows 7 operating system and higher.

10. After you purchase microsoft 365 home or personal a confirmation email will be sent to you email address. There will also be a link to that will allow you to install the software. Installation will take a some time depending on how fast your internet connection is. 

11. You can added or delete family members at anytime. However, the maximum of five computers this software can be installed on at any given period.

12. If you purchase 2 microsoft 365 home using the same email address or account you will get 2 years of service for a maximum five computers. This is called a 365 Microsoft office stack subscription.

13. If you need to install 365 office home on more than 5 computer you must purchase two different microsoft 365 home using two different accounts or email addresses. This must be done or it will result in stack subscription and number (12) issue will apply.

14. Your credit card will be charge on a monthly or yearly basis if you choose to purchase office 365 home monthly or yearly. This will be reflected in you bank statement.

15. If you realize your office program is not working check to see if your account information. You will have to sign in using the microsoft email address you use to purchase the software.

16. If your office 365 account have expired you microsoft office 365 will go into a Reduce Functionality Mode where you can only read your documents. You will not be allowed to print or edit your documents.

17. You can cancel your 365 home at anytime. However, if your purchase date is more that 30 days you are not eligible for a refund. You can ask for it to be cancelled at the end of the payment cycle in order to get your moneys worth.

18.  You can downgrade your microsoft 365 home to 365 personal at anytime. You may want to do this if you are the only one using this office suite in your household and you want to reduce your cost.  

19. You can purchase Microsoft 365 home by using Visa, Master, American Express, and Discover card or your PayPal account.

20. Pdf documents can be edit using this office suite.

How to Get This Software - Explore the Suites

Top Benefits
~ Install on 10 devices (5 computers & 5 tablets).

~ Unlimited online storage (files, photo, music, videos)

~ Easy to install by clicking an installation in your email.

~ 60 minutes of free Skype call to landline numbers.

~ No more headache about computer crashing when you store information online.

~ Free software updates from Microsoft. 


Why use Microsoft Office 365 Home?

1. This is the top word processing software.

2. This software is easy to use because it built on the knowledge you have of previous versions.

3. Investing in a Microsoft office 365 home help you to investing in your future. Most businesses, government agencies and social organisations use different versions of this software. Having knowledge and skills of using a microsoft office suite is a big boost on your resume.

4. Microsoft is a company that is known for quality and office 365 home is also a quality software.

5. This software allow you to organize information in a way that makes it easy to find, edit, print, send amongst others.

6. The benefits of getting an microsoft office 365 is far greater than not having it at all.

7. You may not want to pay for this monthly but there is a yearly cycle to.

8. There is always the issue that you dont use it often but, the office suite was create for you and your family.

9. This is a office suite that every home needs once their is a working computer and education at any level is embraced.

10.  There are many office software on the market but there is never a time when quantity will superceed quality.

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