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Whale Watching Spots

Whale Watching in The Caribbean

Visiting the Caribbean for whale watching in adventures is just a fun way to enjoy sailing in the islands. You will find the Islands are amazing spots  sailing adventures.  There are a number of different destinations that offer fascinating water sports adventures, but when it comes to whale watching there are a few spots in that Caribbean that stands out.

The islands of Guadeloupe, Dominica, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Grenada. These islands are the best spots you can choose that will give you fun opportunities to go on these incredible adventures.   You will find limited opportunity in the islands of Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Apart from the Dominican Republic where hotels on the Península de Samaná is the best spot to stay the other Caribbean islands will give you access from most strategic spots in respective islands.  Let’s dive in and take a look at how exciting these adventures are on the different islands.


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Dominican Republic   

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Caribbean Whaling Watching Photos

Whaling Watching Dominica

Whaling Watching Dominican Republic

Whale Watching in Dominica

It is always good to leave the best for last but not in this case. The island of Dominica is the top whaling watching destination in the Caribbean. There is a ninety percent possibility that you will get the opportunity to see these amazing sea creatures in the waters of Dominica. This country is considered the "Nature Island of the Caribbean" for its rich Eco-tourism attractions. Visiting this vacation spot will not only give you fascinating sea adventures, but this is the place for going camping in nature, hiking through a tropical rainforest, and learning and experiencing the traditions of the largest indigenous population in the region. Interestingly, the best time of the year to visit Dominica to go whale watching is in the months of November to April.

Some of the main species of whales you will get to view the Killer, Bryde, humpback, Dwarf and the Pygmy Sperm whales.  If you are lucky you will get the witness the whales feeding,  breeding and even on their way north or south depending on the time of the year. Additionally, there are opportunities of dolphin and turtle watching, as well. One of the popular turtle that is usually sighted in the Dominica is the Giant Sea Turtle. The Rissos and Atlantic spotted  dolphins are two of the popular species sighted in the Dominica.   

Whale Watching in Guadeloupe, Turks Caicos Islands and St. Thomas in United States Virgin Islands

Whale Watching in Guadeloupe

This island is another amazing Eco-tourism destination. Guadeloupe is one of what many will consider as the two main French Caribbean countries.  The island is well known for its butterfly shape with its two wings.  It is second on the list of whale watching Caribbean destination because of its location close to Dominica. In fact, Guadeloupe is only a few miles north of Dominica which allows the country to offer some similar sea adventures as you will find in Dominica. It is important to note that the main language spoken in the country is French. With this aside, you will be able to witness several fascinating species of whales in this French Caribbean territory waters. These include the Humpback, Beaked, Sperm, and the Pilot whales. You will find that dolphin watching is also a part of the experience. Before you venture on this amazing adventure, you will have a brief lecture which will make you more aware of what you will encounter.     

Whale Watching in the Turks Caicos Islands


This destination is better known for its lovely beaches and is amazing resorts. However, these islands are located north of the Dominican Republic, which is one of the top whale watching spots in the Caribbean. The Turks Caicos Islands will give you the opportunity to view mainly the Humpback Whale. This is usually during the month of November to April. This is just a fascinating experience that awaits you when you take a Turks Caicos vacation and the opportunity to go on one of the incredible whale watching adventures.

Whale Watching in St. Thomas in United States Virgin Islands


Another awesome Caribbean vacation spot that you will find amazing beaches and have the opportunity to go whale watching in St. Thomas. You will get the opportunity to view whales such as the popular Humpback and Sperm. Dolphin watching is also part of the experience you will be exposed to them when you go on this adventure in this group of islands.  The activity you will enjoy most about the Virgin Islands is sailing. The United States Virgin Islands forms part of the top sailing spot in the Caribbean and possibly the world.

Whale Watch in The Dominican Republic And Other Caribbean Islands

This country is part of what is known as Hispaniola which comprise of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In the western section is Haiti and the eastern section is the Dominican Republic. They are French and Spanish speaking country respectively. The Península de Samaná in the Dominican Republic is probably the best place in the Caribbean for whale watching. Although Dominica will want to debate this issue of the best place in the region for this adventure.

The months of January to March bring thousands of whales to this section of the country, Península de Samaná. It is a place where the whales give birth and mate. Some of the main species you will sight in the country’s waters include the popular Humpback, Pilot, and Sperm whales. The Rissos, Spinner, and the Bottlenose dolphins are popular in the islands’ water as well.  

There are other Caribbean islands for whale watching which include Grenada and the Grenadines. Therefore, you can see that you can get many incredible adventures when you decide to take a vacation to one of the Caribbean destinations that provide to the amazing adventure of going whale watching.  


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