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Are you traveling to the Dominican Republic for a vacation soon? There are many quality Dominican Republic vacation spots that are excellent choices for visitors who choose the island for a holiday. I have put together a list of some of the top all inclusive, family, surfing and affordable all inclusive resorts on the islands.

This is a list of some awesome Dominican Republic vacation spots you can choose for you holiday. Three of the top resorts include Majestic Elegance Punta CanaIberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel, and Majestic Colonial Punta Cana. There are hotels and resorts  here for virtually any occasion.  

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This island is the largest spanish speaking Caribbean vacation island in the region. The territory has some unique vacation spots for visitors to experience. This is especially true during the winter months of the year in the northern hemisphere. The Dominican Republic is a wonderful tropical spanish Caribbean island with warm weather, beautiful island attractions,  and an exciting culture.

It is one of the top Caribbean holiday island that must be visited because of its lovely resorts and hotels. Dominican Republic also offers some of the cheapest all-inclusive resorts package in the Caribbean. The country is part of Hispaniola which is comprised of Haiti and though the official language is Spanish, there are other languages that are spoken on the island which includes English.

Iberostar Hotel Punta Cana

The Iberostar HotelPunta Cana is another of the top Dominican Republic all inclusive resorts with five-star quality. This location is designed with both a Mexican and American flavour to it. The resort is an excellent Dominican republic resort family and romantic vacation. One of the many lovely features of the resort is its state of the art fitness center which visitors will enjoy.

Moreover, it will be a pleasure working out with the well trained fitness instructors at the hotel. The resort will allow you to get a really spanish Caribbean vacation feel to your experience. Additionally, the resort has an amazing spa and massage treatment facility that visitors will absolutely enjoy. Some of the many activities the location offers include tennis, windsurfing and other water sports activities.

Dominican Republic Surfing Spots

Dominican Republic Vacation Activities

A vacation to one of the many Dominican Republic resorts option can be built around surfing because the island  is one of the top surfing Caribbean vacation spots in the region. It is also well known of its exciting watersports activities which are really fun to visitors. One of the major reasons why the country is such a popular vacation destination is because of its lovely beaches.

Additionally, the island hotels are regarded as some of the top hotels in the region because of their exciting offers. Some resorts and hotels have lovely waterfronts, easy access to the beach, and other great activities that visitors will certainly enjoy. Some of the major attractions on the island include Altos De Chavon, Casa de Campo Resort, Cabarete,  Eastern Santo Domingo, Jarabacao and Malecon. Dominican Republic has vacation spot for virtually any reasonable budget.

Culture and Top Destinations In the Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic has a rich cultural history dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus. The country was controlled by both Spain and France before its’ got its independence.  Today the country is a thriving economy base on tourism and with one of the largest populations the region. The average temperature throughout the year in the island is between 75 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit although the inland mountain areas a get much lower than that. Also, during the Atlantic hurricane season one will have to pay close attention to the weather before planning a trip to the Dominican Republic.

However, the island is just a tropical treasure providing lovely beaches for snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing; lovely resorts and hotels; an exciting diversity of culture with African and Spanish descendants; and fulfilling Spanish vacation experience that is second to none in the Caribbean. Some of the major resort areas in the island are Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Las Terrenas, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo and Higuey.  Most of the top Dominican Republic resorts are located at these destinations with Puerto Plata and Punta Cana having of the islands best all-inclusive vacation resorts in the island that the Caribbean region. This is a place where to will find some great inexpensive tropical  Caribbean vacation spots.

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

This country is the second largest Caribbean vacation spot and has a coastline spanning more than 800 miles. It presents the best challenges for the advance or veteran surfers. The island should be an island of choice of these surfers because it is surrounded by both Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This has allowed the island to offers surfing opportunities all through the year. However, in the winter months the northern section of the island is the best place to surf. Two of the favorite spots on the northern coastline to surf are Puerto Plata and Cabarete. The southern part of the island is excellent for surfing during spring and summer.

Benefits Caribbean all inclusive vacation and wedding Destination

The Caribbean vacation spots  has some of the best all inclusive wedding resorts and hotels in the world.  These resorts cater for the various travel needs of visitors. There are all inclusive destinations that cater of a family and other large groups of people. There is allows the couple only destinations.  Some of the major benefits of an all inclusive vacation are that you are charged on price and you don’t have to worry of some extra bill after you leave the vacation spot, there are various menus to choose from and everything is in one location which aids group activity. Another interesting aspect of all inclusive Caribbean vacation spots are the different offerings amongst the various islands.  The experience you will get in Jamaica will the different to the one in Antigua which is also different to the one in Barbados and the Dominican Republic and Cayman Island.

All inclusive vacation packages are ideal for couples that need a romantic honeymoon on a private beach setting. There are many tropical Caribbean wedding spots to choose from.  You can choose the Grenadines for a private all inclusive islands, Jamaica for its stunning sunset and wonderful attractions, Barbados for its lovely beaches or Bahamas and the Cayman islands for their wonderful water sports activities and picturesque marine life. The islands are great places to get married and spend your honeymoon. Most islands requires you to spend at least three days before your wedding. Therefore, you only get a week or two to get married and spend your honeymoon.

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