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Two of the first things best Puerto Rico resorts are known for  include warm weather and lovely beaches. Caribe Hilton San Juan, Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza, Condado Lagoon Villas at Caribe Hilton, and  San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel are four top resorts in Puerto RicoThese are some of the island top hotels and resorts.The island of Puerto Rico is located east of the Dominican Republic and west of the United States Virgin Island.

Actually, the island is one of the 52 States making up the United States. The country is a diverse mixture of modern and contemporary traditions.  Puerto Rico population consists of a number of different ethnic groups that makes the country’s culture very interesting. This is one for the few Caribbean islands that Americans do not need a pastport to travel to. However, you must keep in mind that this is a spanish speaking Caribbean vacation island.

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Things To Enjoy On Your Puerto Holiday

 You may be thinking of scenic landscape with beauty in its own unique way along with a friendly atmosphere.  Then a vacation in Puerto Rico is a great option for you. Also, you may have traveled to many of the other Caribbean islands which are English speaking and you may want to explore something different. Well, Puerto Rico provides you with a Spanish Caribbean vacation spot for fun. 

There are some quality all inclusive resorts and luxury hotels located all across the island. However, if you want quiet vacation spot to enjoy, there are many excellent vacation rentals throughout the island that have great offers for you. The link at the top will allow you to explore all the top resorts in Puerto Rico.

The destination of San Juan, Puerto Rico provides some unique attractions that will fascinate your imagination. It is a place of stunning architecture, lovely beaches and unique and friendly personalities. One of the major areas of sight-seeing in is Ocean Park. There are excellent condos at the location for romantic vacation and seclusion.

Some of the fulfilling activities you can participate in at that resort are snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. In addition, there are hotels that provide beautiful tropical sunrise experience as well as a peaceful environment to enjoy at nights. There is also the El Yunque Rain Forest which is one tropical spot on the island that must be visited. It offers gorgeous tropical plants and wildlife that is unique to the island.  Puerto Rico top vacation spots  also offer lovely attractions likes caves, karst formations and deserts for visitors to enjoy.

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A Luxury Vacation In Puerto Rico by: Gordon Steven

Some very good reasons to take a Caribbean Honeymoon or a Romantic Caribbean Vacation on the Island of Vieques in Puerto Rico

A Luxury Vacation in Puerto Rico even a Caribbean Honeymoon on the Island of Vieques at the Hix Island House is something you really need to consider. It doesn’t even have to be a honeymoon, just check it out if you are looking for a romantic vacation somewhere in the Caribbean. You probably haven’t even considered Puerto Rico, and you should at least read up about it.

Hix Island House is the result of the vision of architect John Hix , who wanted to build a hotel which would blend in with the massive gray boulders on the island, so he built five open air concrete structures which are quite unlike anything you will see anywhere else, with some serious ecological considerations built in.

There are three geometrically shaped buildings housing twelve lofts and they are Casa Redonda, Casa Triangular, and Casa Rectangular, and then there is a small house called La Casita, and a grand house called La Casona which can be used for large functions like weddings or conferences.

It would be true to say that the concrete buildings with steel doors and wood shutters could give an impression of a military bunker, but one person’s aesthetic vision will differ from anothers, but they are designed to withstand even the wildest hurricanes. Of course it isn’t necessarily what a hotel looks like but what it has to offer that matters, but most guests use words like terrific, amazing when describing the architecture.

Hix Island House is designed for tranquillity, peace and quiet, so there are no telephones or televisions. Part of the eco principles involves heating by solar panels, and even the water collected and heated is twice used as it is directed to the fruit trees after humans have had their use from it!!

It is true to say that whilst the Hix Island House whilst lacking the creature comforts of a resort, still gives you a luxury vacation experience in Puerto Rico. This Puerto Rico vacation Spot is much more for the traveller with some adventure than the standard holidaymaker. The lofts whilst minimalistic have extremely comfortable beds, and you will like the pillows. . There is also a lovely outdoor shower, and the rooms are like the shower, totally private, and open air, so you will need to use the mosquito nets at night. You will find in the lofts some luxury amenities, such as Frette linens, sea-island cotton shirts, Marimekko fabrics, and comfortable deck chairs and hammocks.

You can have massages in your room or in the open air, and there is outdoor yoga classes, and fantastic views of the Caribbean from the pool, and most of the lofts. Each loft has a kitchen which are stocked with everything you need for breakfasts including delicious home made breads and locally grown coffee, plus the fact you will be brought fresh eggs every day for breakfast

As Hix Island House is on a hillside means a cooling breeze, and the thirteen acre site means it is nicely secluded, and completely rural. You still aren’t far from town, or the beautiful white sand beaches and bays of the south coast, and some of the best restaurants on Vieques are close by.

Finally the staff help to make Hix Island House the excellent place it is, and also the perfect Puerto Rico Vacation Spot for a Caribbean Honeymoon or a romantic escape. It is for people who don’t want boring hotels or designer rooms.

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