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The island of St. Lucia is one of the top countries in the eastern Caribbean for vacation. There are a number of top quality resorts and hotels on the islands that are great vacation options. You will find excellent St. Lucia vacation options for resorts and hotels that caters for family, all inclusive and cheap vacations. The territory is located south of the French island of Martinique, north of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and east of one of the most popular vacation destinations in the eastern Caribbean, Barbados. St. Lucia has an international airport which is connected of international gateways in north America. There are also excellent airline connections between the its closest neighbors. One of the things the island is noted for is its world-class attractions. Let us explore some of the resorts on the island and things you can do while visiting the island.

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St. Lucia vacation destinations may not fit into the category of the most popular in the Caribbean, but it offers some excellent resorts that many visitors will love. These are also all inclusive vacation resorts. You will find that some of these resorts will give access to the french island of Martinique. The French territory is an excellent place to go scuba diving with is lovely coral reef attractions. This opportunity is for resorts on the north coast of the island. On the south coast of the country has one of the Caribbean’s most famous tourist attractions. This is the two Piton Mountains that you may have seen in many advertisements about the island and the Caribbean. Many of the top resorts on the south coast of the island are located close to this attraction. This allows for some excellent romantic setting for resorts in this location. Some of the activities you can get participate in at these resorts include water-skiing, windsurfing, golf, volleyball, canoeing kayaking and soccer and beach volleyball. Four of the top all inclusive resorts that are good for romantic vacations include Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa and Beach, Jade Mountain Resort Soufriere, Ladera Resort Soufriere, and Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort.

When it comes St. Lucia family vacation the island provide many great options. There are many unique attractions all across the island that will keep family visitors enthuse about being on the island. The Two Piton Mountain as mentioned earlier is an amazing experience of those who want visit. Additionally, the drive in Sulphur Spring Volcano is another top attraction on the island that will fascinate children as well. The attraction is an interesting educational experience with its smell and smoke coming from the rocks. Another of the country other attractions that family visitors will love is the Treetop Adventure Park. This provides amazing rides and some of the top resorts and hotels will have tours going to this location. One of St. Lucia top all inclusive resorts for family vacation is the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa which has a water park facility. This provides excellent experiences of family members who love these types of locations. The Sandals Regency Golf Resort , Stonefield Estate Villa Resort Soufriere, and Spa Castries, Ti Kaye Village Resort and the Jalousie Plantation Resort Soufriere are some of the top family resorts in St. Lucia.

There are many lovely Caribbean islands to visit. Moreover, these locations provide excellent options for visitors to enjoy themselves. There many excellent hotels and resorts for visitors to enjoy their St. Lucia vacation. Moreover, you will find excellent resorts of all inclusive, family and inexpensive vacation options.

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