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Tropical Romantic Activities

20 Fun Romantic Activities On A Tropical Small Island For Couples

    1. Spend an afternoon or two relaxing in a hammock and watch sunset with your loved one.
    2. Take the opportunity to listen to the waves strolling up and down the seashore early in the morning from your room.
    3. Enjoy sunrise on the beach with your loved one.
    4. Using part of the day to hiking the small island and take time out to enjoy the weather and the beautiful scenery.
    5. Sample the different kinds of freshly prepared seafood, fruits and vegetables on offer.Romantic Grenadines Spot of Canouan
    6. Get yourself acquainted with some of the words used in the local language and learn to pronounce a few words and slang.
    7. Take the time out to roam and admire the wonderful plants at the resort's garden.
    8. Sunbathe as long as you can.
    9. Play romantic games including rescue with your loved one on the beach.
    10. Use your creativity and come up with different games for each other to enjoy.
    1. Enjoy the island national dish.
    2. Go on an excursion to neighboring islands.
    3. Having a romantic dinner on a sunset cruise.
    4. Take the time out to enjoy the exciting water sports activities on offer.
    5. Get your romantic massage done on the beach at sunset.
    1. Have a romantic beach dinner at sunset.
    2. Play a game of tennis or golf and try to be as competitive as you can.
    3. Ask for your favorite love song to be played live by the local band and participate as much as you can.
    4. Express yourself to each other by writing romantic love notes on the beach while you are on the beach.
    5. Take the opportunity to go horseback riding through the natural vegetation and on the beach.

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