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Fun Tropical Family Vacation for kids in the Caribbean

Planning to stay at an exciting tropical family vacation spot in the Caribbean has it challanges. Let us explore some of the amazing ways in which you can have fun in the islands on your holiday.  There are many incredible tropical islands in the Caribbean to choose from for your vacations. One of the great things about each island is that you will find a lot of resorts and hotels that primarily focus on offering family visitors, some excellent packages and fun activities when you decide to visit.

Another thing you will find is that there are many excellent resorts and hotels of all dimensions which will be able to meet your needs based on your budget. You will find some world class all inclusive resorts, excellent regular hotels and resorts and some charming small private islands resorts which offer great options for tropical family vacations.

Tropical Caribbean Family Resorts

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Four Season Nevis                       Coconut Bay Beach Resort Saint Lucia

Franklyn D. Resort Jamaica          Bitter End Yacht Club And Resort

Comfort Suites Paradise Island     Hilton Hotel Barbados 

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Whaling Watching Dominican Republic

Royal Towers Atlantis

Fun Activities For Families to Enjoy On a Caribbean Vacation

The best tropical family vacation spots in the Caribbean are well known for their beautiful white sandy beaches, awesome weather throughout the year and fun filling activities all through the year for kids and teenagers. There are thrilling family activities that you and your kids can participate in like lazing around the beach building sandy castles, swimming, and you may want to the opportunity to sunbathe.

Fun Water Sports Activities for kids

Most 0f the  tropical family vacation destinations will do much more than the normal resort activities. Sailing is one of the activities that kids and teenagers will absolutely love. It will provide them with the opportunity for snorkelling as well. It is advisable that snorkelling be done with an experienced scuba diving instructor who know the location you are at. Additionally, kids under the age of eight years must not be allowed to participate in this type of activities. Moreover, twenty feet is them maximum depth kids around eight years and just above should be allowed to snorkel.     

Whale Watching and Submarine Tours For Family vacation 

Another incredible aspect of tropical family vacation that kids and teenagers will love is to go on submarine tours to explore the delightful underwater features of the island you are visiting. In addition, depending on the island you choose to visit kids can get the opportunity to swim with turtles, interact with dolphins and go on whale and dolphin watching adventures.

Fascinating Inland Attractions for Children

Of course the Caribbean tropical islands for family vacation provide many awesome inland attractions that kids will lovely. There are many historic attractions, caves, waterfalls, volcanoes, lakes, and adventure parks in many of the island that your kids will absolutely love.  The different vacation resorts will also provide you with sensational activities for kids as well. You will find the opportunity to play golf, tennis, volleyball, beach soccer, and archery to name a few.

Which island to Choose For a Tropical Caribbean Family Vacation

You may be thinking which destination will be ideal for Caribbean tropical family vacation. Here are a few suggestions. The Cayman Islands is a great tropical family vacation when you want to enjoy exciting water sports activities, marine attractions and stay at some excellent resorts. However, you will find some of the resorts are little more expensive than other islands.

Jamaica tropical vacation resorts are spots you will want to travel to enjoy water park that provide all inclusive packages for for families. It is also a destination full for attractions and entertainment that kids and teenagers will enjoy.

The United States and British Virgin Islands are amazing tropical family spots for sailing adventures.  Additionally, the island of St. Lucia gives access to Barbados, Martinique and the Grenadines islands which are excellent tropical island hopping destinations. Your kids will love the different attractions in St. Lucia and the options to visit other islands by sea or air.  

We must admit that there are other tropical family vacation destinations that you and your kids will absolutely enjoy. However, knowing what some of the islands offer family visitors must be a great start when planning your holiday. So, if you are thinking fun activities choose Jamaica, amazing water sports activities choose Cayman Islands and Bahamas, sailing choose United States and British Virgin Islands while island hopping and natural attractions you can choose St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados and the Grenadines.  

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