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Amazing Reasons For A St Vincent and the Grenadines Vacation

The vacation resorts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines  are the most relaxing Caribbean spots for sailing,  private island vacation and relaxing in seclusion. If you want a fun spot  to relax, enjoy exciting hiking adventure and visit some awesome small island St. Vincent is the place. In fact, the country owns the all but two of the Grenadines vacation islands. Thinking of sailing, private islands, awesome views of nature, regattas, and boat racing: this territory is an amazing destination for these activities.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines resorts provide some of the most exciting experiences for visitors who enjoy island hopping adventures. Two of the top resorts in St. Vincent are Buccament Bay Resort and  Grand View Beach Hotel.  The island is located south of St. Lucia, east of Barbados and north of Grenada.

St.Vincent owns most of the Grenadines islands which includes Bequia, Canonuan, Mustique, Palm Island, Union Island, Petit St. Vincent, Young Island, Mayreau and the Tobago Cays. The Tobago Cays is a marine reserve which offers some of the most beautiful marine attractions in the Caribbean.  The island is volcanic in nature with one of the largest volcano in the western hemisphere which is challenging but exciting hiking attraction. This volcano is a wonderful vacation attraction that must be visited when you take a St. Vincent holiday.

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Top St. Vincent and the Grenadines Resort Spots

Buccament Bay Resort

Buccament Bay Resort   

Grenadine House

       St. Vincent and the Grenadines resorts

Sunset Shores Beach Hotel

Affordable Resort Packages St.Vincent

  Grand View Beach Hotel

St. Vincent and the Grenadines resorts

Tropic Breeze Hotel

Tropic Breeze Hotel

Rich View Guesthouse


Rich View Guesthouse

Fascinating Scenic Features Around St. Vincent

The Atlantic side or the windward side of the country is mostly rugged with spectacular carvings in the rocks made by the wind. On a clear sunny day you can view the beautiful twin tour mountains of the Pitons in lovely St. Lucia from the northern side of the island. Aso, windward side of the island is an ideal for surfing as it provide some excellent waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Kite flying is another major activity done on things side of the island which is done February, March and April.

The southern tip of the island is the best starting point to enjoy the wonders of the island. Some of the islands’ top hotels are located in this region. Additionally, the south coast has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the island and can you view of the Grenadines island of Bequia. Moreover, the southern side of the island is also the home to some of the island water sporting activities.

On the Leeward side or the coast on the Caribbean Sea of the island is cover by mostly back sand beach. This side of the island is where lots of fishing is done. Here you can get access to some of the country’s natural attractions such as the different water falls and nature trails.Three of the top white sand beaches in St. Vincent are Indian Bay, Villa and Young Island. There are also Black Point beach, Richmond Beach, Buccament Bay and Mt Wynne beaches which are excellent black sand beaches.

Fun Natural Attractions You Can Visit On A St Vincent Vacation

The paradise island of Petit Byahaut is a small is land off the Leeward Coast of St. Vincent. This tropical paradise is only accessible by boat and is a perfect vacation resort for honeymooners and couples. It offers a wonderful blend of Eco-tourism attractions with is beautiful garden, birds and trees while allowing visitors to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation experience. The island is surrounded by excellent coral reef with exotic fish species and lovely under water cave for diving.  It is also an excellent place to snorkel.  Petit Byahaut is good place to enjoy a private vacation to St. Vincent.

The La Soufriere Volcano

This volcano is an ideal hiking vacation attraction for all the adventurous type of visitors visiting the island. It provides a hiking challenge second to none in the Caribbean. One can hike up this 1,234m volcanic mountain from the windward or leeward side of the island. Bother traits has its different challenges. On the summit of the volcano lies a deep opening call creator which is about mile wide in circumference with a vertical deep of 150 meters. One can challenge themselves to climb to down this vertical incline in to creator or walk all the way around the summit of the volcano which is an amazing adventure. This is a must visit attraction in St. Vincent.

The Vermont Natural Trail

This is one of the protected natural forest reserves in St. Vincent. It is an exciting mountain climb with views of some beautiful natural vegetation. It is home the country’s famous “Amazona Guildingii” the national bird the patriot. This attraction is ideal for those visitors who love bird watching and wild life attractions.


St. Vincent has the second oldest Botanical Gardens in the western hemisphere. The Botanical Gardens as it is called houses some of the country’s national treasures. Here you can get a look at artifacts from the country’s indigenous Caribs ancestors. This garden is ideal for weddings photo taking and relaxation. There is also the Montreal Gardens which is located in one of the most fertile valleys in the world the Marriaqua Valley. This garden is a feast of beauty with hundreds of different spices of colorful flowers. This is another must see natural attraction in the island.

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