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The Caribbean islands of St. Kitts all inclusive vacation resorts  are some amazing spots for family and romantic holidays. Qualie Beach Resort Newcastle, Ottley's Plantation Inn, Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, and  Rawlins Plantation Inn are five top resorts in ST. Kitts and Nevis. These islands are ranked amongst top Caribbean vacation spot for quality resorts. Though St. Kitts remains a superior resort destination with more hotels opportunities, but both islands have much in common.

For starters, both islands feature dormant volcanoes at their center, each surrounded by lush rainforest with miles of hiking trails. Furthermore, St. Kitts and Nevis are strong colonial outposts with their economies once dominated by successful sugar plantations. In addition, both islands possess an incredible array of colonial architecture reflecting their historic past. Lastly, as most visitors to the Caribbean take keen interest in the beaches and the recreation opportunities associated with  Caribbean Sea, tourists will find plenty of warm, clear waters and powdery white sandy beaches wherever they travel to these islands.  

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Fun Attractions and Activities For A St Kitts And Nevis Holiday

The small tropical islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis is considered one other the gems of the Caribbean. Its geographic formation is mainly volcanic as most of the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The island was both an English and French territory. This historic background as allowed the country to possess some of the most interesting colonial artifacts in the Leeward Island chain of islands.

One of the country’s most stunning colonial sites is the Brimstone Hill Fortress which is one of the largest forts in the Caribbean. The Fortress is a site that must be visited in Saint Kitts. Amazingly though the country has one of the smallest populations in the Caribbean and has the distinction of being the smallest independent state in the western hemisphere.

Some of the main attractions these two small tropical islands offers includes exciting nature trails for hiking, lovely landscape with great views for both sunrise and sunset, and lovely beaches. There are also the Romney Estate and the Mt. Liamuiga volcano which are excellent attraction for visitors to enjoy quality hiking adventure in the island.

Additionally, there is a train line which was constructed during the colonial sugar production era which is still in service today. It’s an ideal attraction for visitors how need a trip in the past. The island is also a top Caribbean destinations for mountain biking. Mount Liamuiga offers a great eco-trail for which visitors can ride through a refreshing rain forest. Biker of all ages can enjoy the wonderful trail.   On the summit of the Mount Liamuiga trail visitors can view the lovely sister island of Nevis in the distance.

St. Kitts and Nevis vacation deals just waiting to be discovered by visitors. Though small in nature the territory has an international airport that provide connection to major international destinations like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as well as other regional destinations.  The islands offer visitors a vacation rich in the colonial history and historic attractions. At the same time it’s a destination that offers exciting eco-tourism attractions, hiking and a mountain biking excitement that is second to none in the Caribbean.

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Top Small Island Caribbean Getaways

The Caribbean is a lovely place to spend a vacation but, some visitors get weary of the beaches which are sometimes crowded. However, there are many exciting Caribbean vacation getaways that allow you to relax in a quiet tropical atmosphere. Some of these small island Caribbean getaways are privately and are much small than the popular resorts in the different islands. The islands of Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, British Virgin Islands and St. Lucia are typical of these types of getaways. Spending your vacation at one of these islands will allow you to sample the islands’ culture and friendly people.

The Calibishie Clove in Dominica is a prime example of a small island Caribbean resort with a friendly atmosphere with lush tropical vegetation and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors to the Calibishie Clove will love the friendly atmosphere and the private setting of the resort. In the Grenadines there are resorts like the Palm Island Resort and Firefly Mustique which are excellent getaways as well. These are private islands and you can resort assured that there maybe a famous face or two when visiting these islands. Visitors can look forward to some wonderful island cuisines with lovely jazz and Caribbean music to enjoy.

The island of Grenada is peaceful and serene tropical paradise with no building taller that a palm tree. The island owns two of the most southerly Grenadines islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. One of the islands’ some notable, quiet and relaxing retreat is Bel Air Plantation Villa Resort situated in the parish of  St. David. It unique holiday retreat is perfect for relaxation with island private verandah, lovely views of the overlooking bay and lovely Caribbean sunsets.  The island of Nevis is another lovely small island getaway.  The Montpelier Plantation Inn is one of the holiday retreats on the island that offers an excellent quiet secluded environment to relax in.

An excellent vacation retreat in the British Virgin Islands that provides a secluded and peaceful atmosphere is the Peter Island Resort. The island is private which makes it an excellent getaway for honeymoon and other romantic types of vacations. You will be treated as royalty when you visit this resort.  The resort offers some lovely beach villas that allows to you private relaxation.  St. Lucia is another island that is well-known for its quiet retreats and tropical atmosphere. Most of the island is covered in rainforest with the island southern coast of Soufriere having some of the best resorts on that island.  The Jalousie Plantation Soufriere is one the resort that offers a tropical setting with stunning views of the island Pitons Mountain.  This resort is ideal for any form of romantic engagements. St. Kitts and Nevis vacation deals are great for vacationers how need quiet secluded holiday options. 

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