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Snorkeling Spots

Snorkeling Spots In The Caribbean

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One of the most popular water sports activity you will enjoy in the Caribbean is snorkeling.  You will find that there are many excellent snorkeling spots in the region that you can choose. You can participate in this activity while on a cruise vacation to the islands which is really fun because you will have the opportunity to explore a number of islands top diving spots. S

ailing and island hopping are two other methods you can employ when you want some awesome snorkeling  experiences in the region. In addition, there is always the option of staying at a resort from which you can explore the finest diving spots in that territory. The main skill you need when snorkeling is swimming.  With this in mind let’s explore some of the amazing islands you can choose for your Caribbean diving adventures.  

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Snorkeling Spots - Barbados And The Grenadines


The island of Barbados is one of the popular vacation destinations you will find for water sports. It is one of the premier surfing spots in the Caribbean possessing a number of great places of surfing adventures.  You will find that the west coast of the country provides you with the best snorkeling spots in the island. There are some fabulous white sandy beaches with calm waters to ensure you have the diving adventure of a lifetime. Some of the popular marine life you will be fascinated by includes, turtles, fishing, sponges along with sea fans and brain corals. To get an opportunity to explore these wonderful attractions you will find a lot of tour groups that are really knowledgeable about this activity in the island. Barbados is one of the popular cruise destinations in the region, so there will be ample opportunities for you to choose a cruise going to the island. In addition, the west coast of the country is where all the top beach resorts are located, which is also the place you will get amazing snorkeling adventures as well.   


This is probably the best diving spot in the south Caribbean but, you will find is a little challenging to reach. However, territories like Barbados, Grenada, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and St. Vincent will provide you will the opportunity to see the delightful Grenadines islands. The main snorkeling spot in the Grenadines in the Tobago Cays Marine Park. The location is a marine reserve which means only environmentally friendly practises are allowed here. One of the amazing things about this Grenadines is its island hopping adventures. You can have your vacation in any one of the neighbouring territories mentioned above, then go island hopping in the Grenadines while taking the opportunities to snorkel, then return home from one of the other destinations mentioned. 

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Snorkeling Spots - The Cayman Islands and Other Territories

The Cayman Islands

These three islands may consider themselves to the top snorkeling  spot in the Caribbean. There are over fifty great locations around the territory to participate in this activity. You will find some of the most professional marine life instructors at this destination.  The territory is also a great scuba diving location, as well. It is a place that is great for families who want to expose their kids eight years and older the some wonderful snorkeling adventure. Interestingly, there is a no touch policy when you participate in any of the diving adventures in the territory. This a just one of the safety precaution that is put in place to protect you and your loved ones from any eventualities. A number of resorts in the territory will allow you to get the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic water sports activity.

There are other amazing snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. Anegada in the British Virgin Islands, St. Johns in the United States Virgin Islands, the south western coast of Martinique, Andros and Bimini islands in the Bahamas, the north coast of Jamaica and Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic are some of other great spots around the Caribbean to snorkel.

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