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When it comes to having fun the various  Caribbean vacation spots are  some of the most famous places in the world to enjoy yourself.  This is a place of sun, sand, beaches, entertainment, friendly people and lovely resorts.  There are hardly any other places in the world that have so much cultural diversity. Many of the islands are really made up of mostly African descendants but, you will also find Indians, Chinese and many descendants of the different European countries. There are also some pockets of indigenous people in some islands as well. This set the stage for amazing cultural diversity blended with some famous attractions that are just waiting for you to enjoy. We both know that there are many islands to choose from, but our focus will be on a few vacation spots in the Caribbean that offer awesome vacation options.

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The Bahamas: This is a territory just south of the Florida Panhandle with hundreds of small islands to explore. It is one of the top sports fishing destinations in the world. The Bahamas is a place where you will find resorts of all dimensions. You will find the top all inclusive resorts and the inexpensive resorts on the different island as well. Please come to the Bahamas with plans to enjoy some exciting water sports activities because the islands have some of the best underwater visibility in the world and one of the top water park location in the Caribbean.  ThisCaribbean vacation spot in the Caribbean in amazing to visit because of the closeness to the United States but, we will caution you that you have to choose wisely when enjoying the different exciting activities. This can work out to be very costly in the end. However, airfare is generally lower to the Bahamas that the other territories because of its closeness to North America.

Antigua and Barbuda: If any place in the Caribbean can boost about beaches the island of Antigua should be at the top of the list with a beach for every day of the year. Antigua is one of theCaribbean vacation spots that you will find many world-class resorts. Although many persons will not know about the sport of cricket the island has produced some of the best cricketers that have played the game. Antigua is one of the islands that you will find easy to get to from international destinations and is a great place to enjoy luxury vacation. If you are travelling to the Caribbean with some desire to be entertained the islands of Antigua will be a good vacation spot for you.

St. Kitts and Nevis: The is the smallest independent territory in the western hemisphere. This Caribbean vacation spot in the Caribbean is close to the island of Puerto Rico in the Leeward Islands. You will find that airfare to the territory is more costly the Bahamas. St. Kitts and Nevis has a rich colonial history which you will see highlights of any time you visit the island. The territory is one of the only Caribbean islands that does not place great emphasis on beaches. However, the two islands are amazing romantic and honeymoon destinations. There are many resorts in the territory that give visitors the colonial European experience to their vacation. This is an excellent dimension to the various vacation spots in the Caribbean you can choose.         

Jamaica: This island is the largest English/patio speaking island in the Caribbean and an island known of amazing entertainment. The north coast of the island is where you will find the top vacation destinations. This is regarded as an island that knows who to treat its visitors. Although Jamaica has one of the best safety recorded visitors amongst the Caribbean islands its safety recorded for its records on its own people is left to be desired. However, this does not prevent Jamaica from being some of the most friendly and happy people in the world. This is aCaribbean vacation spot in the Caribbean that must be visitors with its many all inclusive resorts if you don’t want to explore this amazingly beautiful island.   

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