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Virgin Islands – Tropical Vacation Spots

discount hotels in saint thomas The United States Virgin Islands make up part of what is considered the most exciting sailing destination in the Caribbean. These are most of the best tropical vacation spots you can choose for romantic and family vacations. You will find that there are many amazing activities you can engage in on these islands. Apart form sailing, you will find incredible shopping experiences, wonderful water sports activities and attractions, and fabulous white sandy beaches to relax and have fun. The exciting thing that U.S. citizens will love about the this islands is the you will on need a passport to enjoy an amazing vacation in the islands. This is really incredible knowing that these are some of the best sailing spots in the world, and that you have excellent Caribbean weather to enjoy throughout the year.

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U.S Virgin Islands Vacation Spots

St. Thomas U.S Virgin Islands

St. Johns U.S Virgin Islands

What to do in United St. Virgin Islands

One of the top attractions you will find in St. Thomas is the Coral World Marine Park. This is one of the place you will want you take your kids when you visit the island for the incredible experience you will get. It features a three story observation tower which is the main attraction at the park. Additionally, the tower is located 100 feet offshore and is accessible by a footbridge which make the attraction even more amazing. You will also get the opportunity to view the other small island and cays at this location from the top of the tower. The local also have a gallery as well. You will get to see exhibits of moray eels, sharks, barracuda and stringray. This can be viewed at the middle level of the tower.  At the lower level you will have the opportunity to view the amazing underwater attractions of the Caribbean sea. You will have glimpses of the stunning marine life and coral reefs at the location.   

There are also exciting opportunities to go snorkelling and scuba diving in the U.S Caribbean vacation destination. Together with the British Virgin Islands you will have the incredible opportunities to scuba and snorkelling while you are sailing in both territories. The Sir Francis Drake Channel is one of the most famous diving spots in the territory. Mention was made of the shopping experiences you will get from St. Thomas. You must be aware that this is not tax-free shopping for luxury goods only. You will find excellent arts and crafts that will make excellent memorabilia when you visit these islands.

This U.S . Virgin Islands is everything to do with sailing. You will find a number of excellent yacht charter companies that will provide you with the different opportunity you need for sailing. Whether you want a yacht for a week family vacation, a yacht for luxury romantic experience or the explore the Caribbean waters with friends there are yacht charter companies that will not only meet your expectation by also exceed it. You will find professional yachtsmen who are extremely knowledgeable about islands so you will be in safe competent hands. The two Caribbean territories of the United States and British Virgin island will combine to give you the most amazing sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving and surfing experiences you will find anywhere in the Caribbean.  

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