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Canouan Tamarind Beach Hotel  There are two quality Canouan resorts. They are Raffles Resort Canouan and the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club.  Canouan villas can be found at the  Tamarind Beach Hotel. The Raffles Resort has the distinction of being one of the few five star resort in the Grenadines.The Grenadines island of Canouan is located 25 miles south of St. Vincent which is the Caribbean territory that it belongs to. This Grenadines vacation destination can be reached from surrounding countries airport such as Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and St. Lucia.

There is also a flight out of Puerto Rico that connects you directly to the destination. Of all the country mentioned St. Vincent is the country that gives the easier connections to the destination. This can be done by boat or air with relative ease. The destination itself is a beautiful tropical small island with a few lovely white sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation and warm Caribbean weather throughout the year.  It is a place that you will relish for its small holiday island features and the wonderful opportunities to explore the underwater marine life of the Grenadines.

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Grenadines Raffles Resort Canouan

Of the two Canouan resorts the Raffles Resort Canouan is the most popular location at the destination. It is less than half an hour drive from the airport. The locations have over two hundred lovely villas and one of the most professional staff compliment in this part of the Caribbean. It is one of the best design resort in the Grenadines with its lovely Mediterranean decorations. There are exciting opportunities to play some challenging games of tennis and golf. This is one of the best locations for visitors to learn to play tennis in the Grenadines. Visitors will also get the opportunities to enjoy a lovely spa treatment facility at the resort.

Canouan Tamarind Beach Villas and Yacht Club

The Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club is the more relaxed of the two Canouan resorts. This location has forty hillside villas overlooking the sea. It is one of the best location you can stay if you want to enjoy all that the Grenadines has to offer. One of the benefits of staying at this resort being the opportunity to the enjoy the lovely golf course located at the Raffles Resort which is in close to the resort. The location also offers activities which include sunfish sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and hydro-biking. This is a location in the Grenadines you will want to choose if you are looking for a cheap Grenadines vacation.

Canouan Vacation Activities and Attractions

Generally, the two Canouan resorts are lovely water sports destination. There are great opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive. Although the island is small you will find lovely hiking adventures as well. There are a number of lovely small beaches at the destination. However, four of these are South Glossy Beach, Friendship Bay Beach, Carenage Bay and the Windward Bay Beach. You will find that the destination has an Atlantic Ocean coastline and a Caribbean Sea coastline. On the Atlantic coastline of the destination is a lovely barrier reef which is a good place for any form of diving and underwater exploration. Both Canouan resorts will give visitors opportunities to enjoy this beautiful barrier reef.

The Tobago Cays Marine Park is possible the most spectacular attraction found in the Grenadines. Although there is an underwater volcano name “Kick 'em Jenny” which is part of the Grenadines, but is situated closer to Grenada which own two of the islands in the Grenadines. The volcano is said to be the most active volcano in the East Caribbean.  This is an amazing Grenadines attraction to learn about. However, the Tobago Cays Marine Park is a set of five small uninhabited islets in the southern Grenadines. These tiny island provides some of the best underwater attractions in the Caribbean with lovely opportunities to dive, and snorkel. The two Canouan resorts mentioned earlier will give you the opportunities to enjoy the marine park. However, this attraction is Natural Reserve which means there are certain restrictions when using any forms equipment that will pollute the Marine Park.  

No Canouan vacation will be complete unless visitors have opportunities to go on at least one sailing adventure through the Grenadines. The Grenadines is a group of about six hundred small islands and islets. Most of these islands can be explored in a day trip in the Grenadines on the different yacht charters that are available is the islands. Moreover, visitors to surrounding territories of St. Lucia, Barbados St. Vincent, and Grenada can all make arrangement to have charter flights to the destination which takes less than an hour by air from all these islands.

There are also excursions by yacht that visitors can take the opportunity to explore these island a well.  In Canouan,  The Mooring yacht charter company is one of the location that will give you opportunities to go island hopping in the different Grenadines island. This location is a small romantic vacation spots that couples will really enjoy. However, the Raffles Resort Canouan and the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club provide similar options for romantic vacation as well on the island. In addition,  Canouan Whitsuntide Regatta which is done yearly in the latter part of the month of May is an exciting time to visit the island to engage in exciting water sport activities. 

Apart for the two lovely Canouan resorts in the Grenadines there are other amazing vacation locations that visitors can enjoy in the Grenadines. Three of the top small islands in the Grenadines are private vacation islands. These are Mustique, Petit St. Vincent and Palm Island. The island of Mustique is classified as the island for the rich and famous. Each year there is an exciting Jazz Festival on the island that attracts some of the top Jazz and Blues singers from this part of the world.

The other two destinations of Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent are excellent locations of private secluded vacation that is built around nature and enjoying wonderful private beaches.  In pasting, we must mention the island of Bequia which provide some nice villas for any form of vacations. The island also has some of the most skillful and knowledgeable sailors and boat builders in the Caribbean.     

Canouan is one of the most developed Grenadines islands. There are amazing opportunities to enjoy golf, tennis, sailing and lovely water sports activities. The two Canouan resorts of  Raffles Resort Canouan and the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club are two excellent locations to spend your vacations in the Grenadines. Moreover, this is one of the Grenadines that you will find easy to get to with its airport connections from all the different territories airports providing connecting flights and charter flights. Moreover, you can easily made arrangement to stay for a few days at one of these two Canouan resorts while spending the rest of your time on one of the other islands.

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