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Aruba Vacations

Aruba Vacations

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There is not doubt that Aruba vacations are some of the most exciting activities to enjoy in the Caribbean. The island belongs to a group of territories which is often referred to as the ABC Islands. These countries include Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. They are the western most territory in the southern Caribbean. One of the exciting aspects of these territories is they lies outside of what is considered the hurricane belt in the region. This makes Aruba and its sister islands some of the most ideal vacation spots to visit during the Atlantic hurricane season in the months of August and September. Aruba is a melt pot of Dutch culture and traditions. The island language, customs, buildings, and lifestyle are all based on the Dutch influences. It is a place you visit to enjoy all the different types of sports the Caribbean will offer.  

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Top Aruba Attractions And Vacation Activities

Divi Aruba All Inclusive One of the places you will most definitely visit on your Aruba holiday is the capital of Oranjestad. This this active city is located on the south coast of the island, close to where you will find many of the country’s top resorts and hotels. The city paints the picture of Dutch influences in its many colonial structures. Of the many exciting reasons visitors should visit Oranjestad the shopping experiences are amongst the top reasons. This is main due to the fact the guest is allowed to do duty free shopping when they present their travel information. Another lovely reason you will want to choose one of the different Aruba vacations are the various opportunities for religion purposes. There are a number of churches in the Oranjestad which you can visit to get a taste of your religious practices in a Dutch setting.

The most outstanding feature of the island is the Natural Bridge, which is one of the geographical master pieces of the Caribbean. This bridge has been formed naturally and is one of the most amazing places to visit in Aruba. There are other interesting places to visit in Aruba. You will find the one fifth of the country is a natural reserve. National Park Arikok is one of the most visited locations on the island.  You will find some amazing natural and historical attractions here ranging from colonial plantation buildings, to the well noted Fontaine Cave  and the ruins of  Miralamar which was a gold mine. Another site of interest is the California Lighthouse which provides some spectacular sceneries and just an awesome place to visit. These are some of the excellent Aruba vacation attractions you will thoroughly enjoy the country capital.  The island second city of San Nicolas has more of a Bristish influence. You will find excellent places to relax and enjoy in this small city, as well. There is also a strong religious influence on this city. Many excellent churches to worship at this location.

Some of the main activities you can enjoy on you vacation in Aruba include biking, golf, hiking, sailing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, horseback riding and submarine tours.

Aruba is one of the Caribbean countries you can plan a vacation at any time of the year. You will find some excellent resorts for you to choose from and some islands with a strong Dutch culture. In addition, you will find some natural attractions that are second to none in the region.  Aruba vacations are some of the best Caribbean spots to choose especially if you are traveling to the region in the month of August and September. Additionally, this is one of the island you can take the opportunity to attend a church service just to get some well needed blessings.   

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