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Small Islands Resorts

Small Islands Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean For Romance

You will find many amazing small island sailing luxury resorts in the Caribbean that are excellent spots for romantic vacation. On the right is short list of some of the top small private Caribbean resorts that are excellent spots for any form of romantic sailing vacation.

These sailing luxury vacation resorts include Peter Island Resort and Rosewood Little Dix Bay Villas Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Island, Grenadines destinations of Palm Island, Petit St. Vincent, Antigua Jumby Bay Resort and CuisinArt Resort and Spa Anguilla. You will find that most of these small weddings resorts are only accessible by boat from larger countries closeby. However, these destinations are excellent Caribbean sailing luxury vacation spots that are excellent for romantic vacation. They are wonderful romantic small island hideaway when you are planning a small private island vacation.

Benefits of Caribbean Small island Luxury Sailing  Vacation Spots  

  • Excellent vacation spots for seclusion
  • Wonderful for luxury vacation
  • Awesome spots to enjoy sailing adventures
  • Fantastic places to relax in nature
  • Great weather all through the year

Get Your  Vacation Packages To These Private Island Resort

CuisinArt Beach Resort: Anguilla

Scrub Island Resort and Spa British Virgin Islands

Palm Island Resort: Grenadines

Peter Island Resort: British Virgin Islands

Rosewood Little Dix Bay: British Virgin Islands

Jumby Bay Resort: Antigua

Bitter End Yacht Club British Virgin Islands

Grace Bay Club: Turks and Caicos

Buccament Bay Resort: St. Vincent

Caribbean Secluded Small Island Wedding Resorts Photos

Peter Island Resort and Spa BVI

Peter Island Resort & Spa Photo #1 

Jumby Bay Resort  Antigua

Jumby Bay Resort Photo #1 

CuisinArt Resort and Spa Anguilla

Cuisinart Resort And Spa Photo #1

Palm Island Resort Grenadines

 small island wedding resorts

Little Dix Bay A Rosewood Resort BVI

 Little Dix Bay A Rosewood Resort Photo #1

Petit St Vincent Resort

Petit St Vincent Photo #1

Top Small Private Island Wedding Resort Video


The Grenadines Resorts For All Inclusive and Luxury Vacation

Palm Island and Petit St Vincent

These are two Grenadines resorts for all inclusive vacation  on private islands. You will find that they are ideal choice for a secluded private  island luxury vacation. They provide some excellent small island wedding experiences. The two destinations can be reached through Canouan which is another of the Grenadines destination that is lovely for all forms of vacation. Canouan has an airport which has connecting flights from Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent. However, the destination of St. Vincent for which Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent belongs provide the easiest access to the two vacation destinations.

Couples visiting these two Grenadines islands can look forward to having lots of space to roam some romantic small islands and just relax under the palm trees, in hammocks and on the lovely white sandy beaches. An important thing for couples to note when traveling to these two Grenadines small island wedding resorts to get married is they must be in the locations up to three days before they can get married. This can be a perfect time for couples to explore some of the wonders of the Grenadines with the wonderful sailing opportunities that the Grenadines provide.

Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent are two resorts that will allow you to enjoy your vacation in a beautiful all natural tropical environment that is just peaceful for all forms of relaxation. In the destination of Palm Island there are three exciting nature trails for visitors to enjoy along with five amazing white sandy beaches to enjoy the Caribbean sun. Moreover, the Palm Island will allow you to enjoy different exciting water sports activities, explore the different marine attractions along the coastline and engage in sport fishing.

Petit St. Vincent is a place to relax in a calm serene tropical environment. This is one of the small island wedding resorts that have a number of small secluded cottages with a unique communication system that with just fascination your imagination.  Moreover, Petit St. Vincent is located close to the Tobago Cays Marine Reserve which is one of the best places in the Caribbean for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures.

British Virgin Islands Small Resorts For Weddings

Peter Island Resort British Virgin Islands

The Peter Island Resort is located in the top sailing destination in the Caribbean. When you are thinking of any forms of vacations to deal with sailing the British Virgin Islands should be at the top of your list. However, Peter Island Resort is one of the few small island wedding resorts with will really be pampered in luxury. It is a vacation location that has a staff compliment that is larger than that of visitors so you know you will be in for a royal vacation experience. The resort can be reached through Tortola which is the main country in the British Virgin Islands.

You will have to get connecting flights from the other territories around including St. Martin, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas which will take you to Tortola. In addition, you will have a half an hour boat cruise to Peter Island from Tortola.  You will also have to spend three days enjoying the beauty of the destination before you are allowed to get married. Some of the activities you can engage in while on the hotel include volleyball, tennis, hiking and bicycle riding. Moreover, there are lovely white sandy beaches that you can enjoy at the location.  Also, lets us remind you that you are in the top sailing destination in the Caribbean so there are lots of opportunities to go island hopping on the different islands that are just amazing honeymoon experiences.

The Rosewood Little Dix Villas and Jumby Bay Resort

The Rosewood Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda is another of the excellent small island wedding resorts that is located in the British Virgin Islands. Although this destination is not a private island the resort is one of the more secluded location in the territory. It provides some excellent water sports activities which include diving, snorkeling and sailing. The policy of being on the island three days before you get married also apply to this resort as well. Moreover, this is a place that couples will be pampered in luxury and will find some elegance settings for photo taking and just relaxing. This is another location that visitors will be able to enjoy some wonderful sailing adventures.   

The Jumby Bay Resort is another one of the top small island wedding resorts located in Antigua. This resort is part of the Rosewood collection of top luxury resorts. It is another small island that you will be pampered in luxury and seclusion. Antigua will give easy access to the destination. Couples can enjoy the usual lovely water sports activities which include scuba diving and snorkeling another with other great activities to enjoy.  These two small island wedding resorts belonging to the Rosewood group of resorts are just excellent places to enjoy luxury romantic experiences.

Anguilla Small Resorts For Weddings

CuisinArt Hotel and Spa

The CuisinArt Hotel and Spa is one of Angulla small resorts for weddings that you will like. The spot is just an fantastic place to get weddings and honeymoons. To get to the destination of Anguilla where the resort is located visitors will have to use flights from St. Martin, Puerto Rico, Antigua and St. Kitts and Nevis to reach the island. There is a small airport on the island that you can get access from these islands. Anguilla is a place where you will find some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

There are many lovely powdery white sandy beaches at the destination for visitors to enjoy.  Your marriage application will take two days to process in Anguilla. Following this you will be allowed to get married. Some of the main activities you can enjoy at the CuisinArt Hotel and Spa while waiting on your marriage certificate to process include tennis, golf, excursions, scuba diving and other lovely water sports activities.  

These are just beautiful small island wedding resorts to get married. Moreover, what you will find is these are perfect spots for secluded small private island vacation experience. Therefore, you will really be pampered in luxury when you visit these destination for any forms of romantic vacations.

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