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Romantic Vacation Spots of St. Lucia

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The amazing romantic vacation spot of St. Lucia is situated south of the French Caribbean island of Martinique, southwest of the popular vacation destination of Barbados and north of the unique territory of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a wonderful destination for all forms of vacation, but the island quickly becoming the Caribbean vacation spot of choice when it comes to romantic vacations. This is mainly because there are lots of fabulous resorts in the country and the excellent attractions and activities you can enjoy while visiting the destination. You will truly find that this location one of the most unique when it comes to romance.   When you are planning to renew your vows, wedding or just to enjoy some quality time with your loved one the island will offers many options to make this a reality for you. Let’s examine some of exciting romantic vacation spots on the island and some of the fantastic activities you can participate in on your holidays.

Romantic Vacation Spots of St. Lucia - Where to Stay

St. Lucia has the distinction of having three of the Sandals Brands on hotels on the island. These are all inclusive vacation resorts of the hightest quality. They include Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Sandals Halcyon and the Sandals La Toc. Of the mentioned the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa and Beach Resort in amongst the most notable locations for romantic vacation. The resort is just a place of nature beauty. It is one of the gems of the island. You must be prepared to enjoy exciting Caribbean and international entertainment, water sports and to relax in seclusion when you are at this resort. Another of the top romantic vacation spots in the island is Anse Chastanet Resort. This is a place of luxury and seclusion. It is located in the picturesque south coast of the island and it is a resort that has won many international awards for the amazing romantic experiences it has provided for its guest. The Hotel Chocolat is one of the locations on the island that will give you a reminder of the country’s colonial history with is plantation setting. This is one of the fabulous places on the island to relax in nature and spend quality time in seclusion.  The Jade Mountain Resort is also situated on the southern coast of the island where you can get amazing views of of the Piton mountains which are just awesome to experience.   

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Romantic Vacation Spots of Saint Lucia And What to Do

St. Lucia is an amazing place for romantic vacation but, if you really want to enjoy what this romantic vacation spot has to offer you will have to be on the adventurous side of life. If not you can enjoy the amazing activities that are at the different resorts which can be really pleasurable. However, the destination provides some fantastic attractions that you will want to sample. The Treetop Adventure Park is one such location. You will enjoy all the thrills and adrenaline of zipline riding. All the top resort mentioned will provide you with the opportunity to visit this attraction which is really affordable. You can then move the Piton Mountains which are just amazing. You will have the opportunity to hike to the summit of the Gros Piton. The La Sourfriere drive in volcano is next on the agenda of great attractions on the island. In addition, the Diamond Botanical Garden and Waterfalls are also interesting places to visit. Castries, which is the capital of the island is the place you will want to grab a few pieces of  memorabilia and samples some tasty tropical fruits.

The romantic vacation spot of St. Lucia will allow you to have a fascinating Caribbean vacation. Scuba diving, sports fishing, snorkelling and island hopping are some of the delightful activities you can engage on the island. In pasting, you must be aware that the amazing Grenadines destination are just a few miles away from St. Lucia. Additionally, St. Lucia will give you access to these islands by boat of by air. The Grenadines has some amazing attractions that will add to your romantic experiences. You will find that St. Lucia is truly a place for romance and you will always remember your visit to this lovely tropical island.    

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