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Romantic Spots

Romantic Spots in Grenada

Canouan romantic spot

Grenada is an island famous for its spices and offers an excellent romantic Caribbean small island destination. It is located between St. Vincent and Trinidad and southwest of Barbados. The island is one of the largest producers of nutmeg is the world. One of the many benefits of nutmeg is it help to relax your minds and help you to sleep better. Grenada romantic spots will offer you something similar to what its famous nutmeg can do.

The island is a blend of unspoilt nature beauty which will allow you to relax in a tropical island. The friendly nature of the islands' people will also make you feel comfortable as well. Some of the activities you will enjoy on a Grenada romantic Vacation are exploring the different waterfalls and hot springs along with having romantic hikes long the islands’ different nature trails.

 The island also has lovely beaches that allow you to enjoy romantic sunset diners and quiet time on the beach. Other aspect of Grenada romantic experience is the opportunity to go island hopping the Grenadines. Grenada owns two of the Grenadines island of Petite Martinique and Carriacou.

A boat trip to these islands will allow you the opportunity go whaling, and dolphin watching long with seeing flying fish making their spectacular leaps in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Coyaba Beach Resort, LaSource Grenada, and Grenadian by Rex Resorts are three of the top romantic hotels in Grenada.

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Grenadines Romantic Spots

The islands of the Grenadines are located between St.Vincent and Grenada and south west of Barbados. These are some of the most romantic Caribbean island destinations. This is because some of the islands are privately owned which allow for a peaceful relaxing vacation. The name of the major islands in the Grenadines are Bequia, Canouan, Mustique, Palm island, Petit St. Vincent, Union Island, Mayreau, Petit Martinique and Carriacou. The islands are wonderful sailing destination which will allow you to enjoy romantic cruises at sunset, have large parts of a small tropical to explore undisturbed and participate in different exciting water sports activities.

 The different islands also host their exciting regattas which are excellent activities to engage in with their exciting boat races, fishing competitions and cultural entertainment. There is also the Mystique Blues Festival which is annual event with world renowned performances each year. The beauty of the Grenadines alone will create that perfect romantic atmosphere of couples to enjoy. This is complimented by many world class resorts which include Palm Islands Resort, Canouan Resort, Carenage Bay Bay Beach and Golf Club, the Cotton House, Petit St. Vincent Resort, Firefly Mustique, Green Roof Inn Carriacou and Silver Beach Resort Carriacou.

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