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Jamaica Wedding Spots

Jamaica Wedding Spots - Negril Lighthouse

Having a Jamaica wedding is a dream come through for many visitors to the island. Think about spectacular sunsets, secluded private white sandy beach, beautiful tropical vegetation, the sound of the waves caressing the sea shore, the smell of roses, and exciting Caribbean and Jamaican entertainment. Which wedding spot in the Caribbean is better? That question is only for you to determine.

This will set you off searching to see what is so amazing about getting married on the island. Well, there is no shortage of fantastic wedding spots in Jamaica for you to choose. It will all come down to budget and the type of wedding that you require. The next few lines below we will give you a brief preview of some of the best wedding spots you can choose.  

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Grand Palladium Suites All Inclusive Resort

Negril Lighthouse

Hilton Rose Hall Resort

One of the some popular vacation spot in Jamaica is the destination of Negril. This is the place where you will find some of the best sunset experiences in the Caribbean. In Negril, you will find the Negril Lighthouse, which is the most westerly point on the island. In fact, the location is within throwing distance of the sea and it has the most spectacular sunset on the island.  You will find a fabulous restaurant at the Negril Lighthouse which can cater for up to fifty guests at a time. This location also provides accommodation for you so there will be no need to worry.

Here you will find excellent entertainment for your wedding day and the place you dream of for all your photo needs. On your honeymoon you will find that this Jamaica wedding spot will give you the opportunity to participate in some excellent activities. These activities range from swimming, relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, and clip diving for the adventurous honeymoon couples.

Jamaica Wedding Spots - Negril Beach Resort & Rose Hall Resort and Spa

Negril Beach Resort

Another awesome Jamaica wedding spot you will find the is the Negril Beach Resort. This is excellent for visitors travelling in large groups. The location will allow you to organise your travel party in a manner that suits you best. There are rooms at the location that cater for up to four guests.  You will find some excellent cottages at the location which are private. These are perfect for seclusion.

The resort is located on the beach which will give you every opportunity to have a beach wedding if you so desire. In addition, all the  fun activities of water sports and Jamaica entertainment awaits you at the location. This is one of the locations that provide you with great authonomy. This is because there are so many marvellous wedding spots all around the resort. Therefore,  you will have to determine where you will want the alter to go. From here the professional staff will just rap the spot with the colours of love that you requested.

Rose Hall Resort and Spa

One of the Jamaica wedding spot that wedding provide you with that luxury spot you desire in the Rose Hall Resort and Spa.  It is one of the top locations on the island for weddings.  The resort is situated in the popular resort spot of Montego Bay and less that an hour drive from the airport.  This is the location that will provide you with a private secluded wedding spot in a popular vacation resort.

There are provisions at the resort which can be put in place to block the portion of the resort from other guests, so you can get that private feel you your wedding. You may find that it may be a little costly, but it is only done upon your request.  Everything from meals to wonderful entertainment and activities are at the location.

Jamaica Wedding Spots - Coral Cove & Dunn’s River Waterfalls

 Coral Cove

The Coral Cove is the ideal Jamaica wedding spot for those guests that need seclusion and privacy. This is the place for a dream wedding. It is located on the southern coast of the island a short distance from the popular destination of Negril. The wedding spot is situated in a small fishing village.  You will find some perfect luxury villas and excellent spots to have that private dream wedding in Jamaica.  This location will create that awesome tropical atmosphere you require when you are thinking of a small tropical piece of paradise for your wedding.  

Dunn’s River Waterfalls 

The destination of Ocho Rico is another Jamaica wedding spot that you will find incredible for your wedding as well. Although you can get access to many amazing beaches at the destination there is another unique wedding spot you can choose. The Dunn’s River Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful attractions of its kind in the world. You can use the backdrop of this breath taking attraction to say I do. However, because of the popularity of the location you will find that there are many witnesses at your ceremony. The benefit of this location is the fabulous photo options.

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