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A Fun Jamaica Trip

Jamaica The Island Destination That Cannot Be Beaten

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The trip of a life time can be enjoyed by taking a trip to the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. This country is a tourist haven with all the available fun activities and the great weather throughout the year. 

Make Sure You Can Travel

Your memorable vacation should start with you going online and exploring the amazing collection of hotels and resorts that are available on the islands. You will find that the island is an easy place to travel to with connecting flights from many major cities in the United States and Europe. However, there are few countries where you have to  get your ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, so that you can take your flight to Jamaica. Your plane will first likely take you to Miami, Florida in the United States and then continue on to Jamaica which is only one hour away. However, travel to the United States still requires the ESTA even though you are continuing to the Caribbean. Once in Jamaica, the fun begins in earnest.

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Fun Activities in Jamaica

Dunns River Falls: Awe-inspiring Site Guaranteed To Impress

When you arrive in Jamaica, start your trip by traveling to Ocho Rios. This is one of the most incredible destination on this Caribbean island. Once you are settled, put on your bathing suit and go to one of the most incredible waterfalls you will ever enjoy. You are able to walk up the river falls and enjoy the rivers and springs that flow down. It is a one of a kind natural attraction and is a place that must be visited anytime you are in Jamaica. You will definitely be stunned by its beauty and the realization that it’s so accessible.

Take A Safari on the Black River: View the Exotic Animals and See a Plant that Eats Animals

A visit to this river located on the South coast of Jamaica will have you and your family looking at each other in amazement. The river is full of American crocodiles which you can see through the clear, blue waters. While traveling the river your tour guide will likely show you the bladderwort plant as it seduces a small animal into its path and then engulfs it. It is a site to behold and will result in your family thinking about plants in a completely new light.

Visit Rick's Cafe in Negril: Take a leap of faith and jump off the cliffs of Negril

A visit to Negril is where you and your family can engage in your wild side and create more memories. You can dive from the cliffs of Negril or watch as the experienced cliff divers reach the highest heights of the country and jump into the water. After your diving experience you can take your family to Rick's cafe and watch arguably the most beautiful sunset in the world take place. The sunset will remind you of the most romantic movie sunset you have ever seen except you will realize that you are actually viewing it live as the sunset slowly disappears across the water.

James Bond Beach: Where Golden Eye was Created

This beach is a hidden paradise located a short drive from Ocho Rios. When you visit you will be amazed by the white beach and the water which looks so pure. The beach is encompassed by mountains. When you take your family on one of the water tours they will view the beautiful homes of individuals such as Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond novels of which the blockbuster movies are based. You will also see the ostentatious mansion of UB40, a world famous recording group and other sights that can only be seen from the water. 

Following your water travels and beach relaxation you and your family will be able to eat at the Moonraker "Jamaican" Bar & Grill where you will have the opportunity to indulge in freshly caught fish. Your time at this beach will make you and your family never want to leave. When you walk along the water shore at night and realize the water is still warm and the stars overhead look like you can actually touch them you will understand the intoxicating appeal of the beach and the island of Jamaica.

A vacation to the island of Jamaica and visits to these locations will provide you and your family with stimulating memories that will last a lifetime. That is a guarantee that you will likely be unable to find anywhere else.

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