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Anguilla Beach Resorts | Where To Stay In Anguilla

An Anguilla beach resort will provide you with some awesome vacation experiences when you visit. This is the reason why they are excellent answers for where to stay in Anguilla. There are four amazing answers below with links to each resort following.  This incredible small Caribbean vacation island is known for its amazing world-class beaches. Whenever you want to visit the Caribbean to relax on some lovely beaches and sample some exquisite Caribbean and international delicacies in a luxurious beach setting just make Anguilla vacation your best choice.

 Four Amazing Spots to Stay in Anguilla

  • Frangipani Beach Hotel     Amazing water sports, wedding spots, and sunset cruises
  • Cap Juluca Hotel                  Delightful romantic spot, water sports and golf
  • Viceroy Anguilla Hotel       Excellent spa and fitness center, children program and water sports
  • CuisinArt Hotel and Spa    Fabulous luxury small island resort with golf and spa

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Anguilla Top Vacation Hotels

Rooms :

 Fangipani Beach Hotel

 Cap Juluca Hotel

 Viceroy Anguilla Hotel

 CuisinArt Hotel and Spa 

 Allamanda Beach Club  

 Anacaona Boutique Hotel

 Paradise Cove Resort

Ku Hotel

Ku Hotel Photo #1

Cap Juluca Hotel

Cap Juluca Photo #1

Viceroy Hotel

Viceroy Anguilla Resort & Residences Photo #1

Carimar Beach Club

Carimar Beach Club Photo #1

Malliouhana Hotel

Malliouhana Hotel And Spa Photo #1

Twin Palms Villa

Twin Palms Villas Photo #1

Anguilla All inclusive Vacation Resorts

CuisinArt Resort and Spa

The CuisinArt Hotel and Spa is one of the top Anguilla beach resort for any form of vacation. It is an excellent resort for honeymoon and wedding vacation. Visitors can enjoy golf, tennis, scuba diving, water sports activities, excursions around the island, massage and fitness center. There are also cell phone rentals available as well as child care services that you can access. This is a five-star Anguilla resort that offers and excellent golf course. Additionally, the resort has a hydroponic farm and organic garden that recycles waste water from the facility. This is one of the must sees attraction and this resort is a great answer to the question of where to stay in Anguilla.

Cap Juluca

The Cap Juluca Hotel is another of Anguilla all inclusive resorts. This is an excellent romantic vacation spot. Some of the many activities for visitors include romantic sunset cruises around the island, relax on a lovely private beach, get romantic massage, and relaxing at outdoor swimming pools. There are also child care services and internet at the location as well. This Anguilla resort has been rated by top experts for its romantic Caribbean vacation experience, top spots to honeymoon and one of the top beaches in the world.  The Cap Juluca is a great answer for where to stay in amongst the various all inclusive Anguilla resorts.

Where To Stay In Anguilla Family Vacations

Carimar Beach Club

The Carimar Beach Club is one of the top family hotels in Anguilla. This location gives access to some excellent water sports activities. Vacationers can get access to snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sailing and windsurfing activities for this resort. This hotel also offers tennis and massage facility for visitors. Additionally, there are bicycles that are available for rent. The resort is classified as a three star facility and is an excellent option for where to stay in Anguilla for family vacations.

Ku Hotel

The Ku Hotel is located on the Shoal Bay Beach which is one of the top Caribbean vacation beach spots in the region. Visitors can enjoy a private beach, fitness center, and excursions around the island as some of the activities the resort offers. There is also a business center and a babysitting service as well as multilingual staff the vacationers have access to. One of the lovely policies family visitors will embrace is there are no charges for children six years and younger once they use the same bed as their parents. The meals are largely of a Caribbean flavour with a French twist to it. This location is a great three star accommodation that is a perfect answer to where to stay in Anguilla.


Anguilla Vacations

Cap Juluca Photo

The island of Anguilla is one of the few islands in the Caribbean which still an overseas territory of England. For a short period of time during the 1960s that the island was associated the territory of St. Kitts and Nevis. However, the native decided to stick with England. The country has remained a British dependent territory since then although it has little connection with the British Virgin Islands which are also British territories.  One of the major problems you will find about Anguilla is how to reach it from international destinations. The island is located close to Puerto Rico.

However, the Dutch/French territory of St. Martin is the best route to use when travelling to the island from international destinations. St. Martin has an international airport with connecting flights from North America and Europe. Moreover, there is a ferry service that operated between Anguilla and St. Martin daily which is really affordable. Travelling for St. Martin to Anguilla by boat is just thirty minutes.

Where To Stay In Anguilla - Things to do on Anguilla Vacations

For the enthusiastic visitors there are many things that they can enjoy outside the hotel. These include horse riding, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving to name four. Some of the many things visitors can do in the island includes visiting art galleries, visiting museums, touring historic sites and just exploring the country’s rich historic past. Best of all just relax on one of the beautiful Anguilla white sand beaches taking in the sun, swimming in the turquoise sea, just reflecting on life in general. Choosing the best beaches on your Anguilla vacations vary from the super serene Little Harbour, to the wild Windward Bay. The East Shoal Bay is one of the best tropical Caribbean vacation beach spots. If seclusion is what you want, try Barnes Bay. The great thing is that Anguilla is so small you can easily visit all thirty-three beaches in a two-week vacation.

Anguilla vacations option for family offers almost everything, but the main thing that families are looking for are great beaches.  Apart from all the adult activities mentioned there are paddle boats, glass bottomed boats, picnic cruises to deserted cays, and a dolphin lagoon, where you can swim with the dolphins. Babysitting is easily arranged from the hotel concierge, rental agency, or even the Anguilla Tourist Board. The island provides lovely places for family vacation options for visitors to stay and have a lovely time.

This is a pretty dry island with only thirty-five inches of rain a year, and an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with cooling trade winds in the summer. You will find the water temperature in the upper 70 degrees to the lower 80s, so it is very attractively warm.

Types of Hotel Accommodations


The different level of vacation packages includes ultra luxurious hotels, which is excellent for those who want pampering in luxury. There are the more moderately priced luxury hotels for those visitors who need that type of vacation package. Moreover, this small island vacation spot provides other hotels, apartment, private villas and club type to villas for those visitors that crave these types of experiences.


Dining Experiences


One of the main attractions on the island is its dining experience with over 70 unique places to enjoy top world-class cuisines. This world-class reputation for excellent cuisine is because of the country’s talented chef.


Important Things to Note When Visiting the Island


An important thing to know about the island is that the country does not have a formal transportation system. However, there are private taxis that are available. Additionally, with many former British Dependencies you have to drive on the left side of the road. The main currency used in Anguilla is the East Caribbean Dollar (EC). However, like most countries the US dollar is also acceptable and well as major credit cards. It is all advisable to carry a little cash at times. This is because the ATMS are mainly located in The Valley, the main town in Anguilla. These are some of the most important advice when traveling to Anguilla. Remember that various Anguilla all inclusive resorts are filled with loads of fun from for you to enjoy.

Romantic Spot for Anguilla Vacations

 One of the tropical Caribbean vacation spot that you can really get a luxurious romantic experience is with different Anguilla vacation options. The territory is an awesome place to visit any time of the year. One of the world top rated beaches is located on the island. It is the Shoal Bay East. The Island provides romantic visitors with a lovely secluded vacation experience. There the opportunity to sample some wonderful Caribbean cuisines prepared by world class chefs.  

Amongst the fun activities couples can engage include a day trip to a private secluded island, sailing on some luxury yacht at sunset and taking a romantic stroll on the lovely beaches. Of course there are lovely places to dine and lovely Caribbean entertainment that visitors will surely enjoy. Additionally, many of the country’s hotels are well equipped with a fitness center, spa and massage facilities, private beaches, and great water sports activities. Frangipani Beach Resort, Cap Juluca, Malliouhana Hotel and Spa and CuisinArt Resort and Spa are some of the main Anguilla all inclusive resorts that are excellent for where to stay in Anguilla on a romantic vacation. 


Friendly People and Top Beaches on the Island

Although Anguilla only has a population of about 12,000 the island has some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. The warm friendly smiles that always greet visitors are testaments to the peaceful nature of the people. One of the many things that the island offers vacationers is the opportunity to enjoy some lovely beaches. The island has over 30 small white sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy.  Interestingly, vacationers will find that these beaches have their unique identity depending on the type of vacation you will want to enjoy.  

The Shoal Bay West beach gives guest a lovely view of the neighbouring islands St. Martin and Saba which makes is lovely for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing. Four of the top beaches of swimming and snorkeling at the destination are Sandy Hill Bay, Forest Bay, Savannah Bay and Crocus Bay.  The Prickley Pear Cay and the Sandy Island are two small islets found off the island coast and are excellent places for swimming and snorkelling. There are also small restaurants located on these islands which will add to the convenience of your visit. Meads Bay is a lovely place to enjoy romantic sunset on the beach. Another of the top beaches is the Little Bay which is an excellent location of hiking as the location call only be accessed by boat of hiking down on ropes. Finally, you will find that some of the top beaches on the island have small restaurants on location.

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