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Saint Martin Luxury Resorts

Top Saint Martin Luxury Vacation Resorts

discount hotels in simpson bay There are excellent St. Martin luxury resorts that are great vacation spots for family and romantic vacation. Most of these resorts are of four star quality. Two of the top luxury resorts on the island include Radisson Blu Resort Marina and Spa, and Cap Caraibes Resort. This island is a unique Caribbean vacation island.

The island of St. Martin is a French and Dutch territory is located about 300 miles east of the United States Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. It is the only country of its size in the Caribbean that is divided into two territories. The northern section of the country is French while the southern section is Dutch. They are called St. Martin and St. Marteen respectively. Moreover, because of the small nature of the island you will find most of the citizens are multilingual.

Most native are able to speak French, Dutch, English and to a lesser extent Spanish fluently. Most importantly, traveling to St. Martin from international gateway in Europe and North America is quite easy because the country has an international airport that provide connecting flights from these destinations. Therefore, you can see it will be relatively easy to experience one of the many lovely St. Martin luxury resorts because the territory is easy to get to.

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Two Saint Martin Luxury Resorts

Cap Caraibes Resort

St. Martin Luxury ResortsThis is one of the top five star resorts located in Dutch St. Marteen. It is a wonderful choice for any form of luxury resorts vacation on the island. The Cap Caraibes Resort is located a short distance away from the airport, so you can reach your destination within a short space of time on arrival in the island.

It is a pet friendly Caribbean resort. Pet lover will be happy to visit as it is one of the few Caribbean vacation spot that allows visitors to take their pets. Moreover, the resort is an excellent St. Matin family and romantic vacation spot. Families with kids under the age of twelve years old are able to stay at the same quarters without any charges being applied to kids. The location provides a wonderful play for family visitors.

For the adult visitors who love the excitement of the beach and its activities can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, jet-skiing and para-sailing at the location. Moreover, the resort is equipped with lovely fresh water pools, outdoor pools, and allows visitors to go on excursions on the different parts of the island to enjoy the different culture and the lovely attractions around the island. The location is a great option when choosing one of the St. Martin luxury resorts on the Dutch side of the island.

Radisson Blu Resort Marina and Spa

The Radisson Blu Resort Marina and Spa is one of the resorts that is located on the French Caribbean section of the territory. It is one of the excellent St. Martin luxury resorts with four star quality. This is one of the places on the island that you can expect French Caribbean hospitality at the highest standards. The resort is a place that will allow you to enjoy a secluded vacation in a French Caribbean environment.

It is a hotel that offers lovely french delicacies. There is a small private beach at the resort for visitors to enjoy some quiet time in nature. It also a location that pays keen attention to children. Kids can enjoy the watersides and the kids club which provides amazing activities for children. The resort also offers many of the lovely water sports activities that are associated with resort of this quality and excursions to different parts of the island.

The French Caribbean island of St. Martin is a wonderful place to visit all through the year. Moreover, the Radisson Blu Resort Marina and Spa, and Cap Caraibes Resort are two lovely St. Martin luxury resorts for family and romantic vacations. These resorts are two excellent choices for visitors wanting to stay on the Dutch or the French section of the island.

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