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There are many awesome Martinique vacation spots that will allow visitors to enjoy an exciting time on a holiday. Martinique is a French Island that is amazing for all forms of Caribbean vacation. The country is located south of Dominica and north of St. Lucia along the Windward Island chain of islands. It is the second largest french territory in the region.

This country provides a French Caribbean vacation which is in many respects similar to Dominica and its sister island of Guadeloupe. These islands are excellent spots for any forms of Eco-tourism adventures. Martinique has amazing tropical rainforest, magnificent waterfalls, excellent colonial and indigenous artifacts and structures and a host of modern resorts for vacation. For the remainder of this discourse I will give insights on the lovely Martinique hotels you can choose and delve into some of the amazing attractions and activities you can engage in on a French island vacation.

French Caribbean Resorts in Martinique


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French Caribbean Island - Martinique Hotels

Amandiers Karibea Hotel
The Amandiers Karibea Hotel provides two excellent white sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy. This resort is located on the south coast of the island with the Caribbean Sea hugging its shoreline. The location ranks amongst the best Martinique family vacation resort. Amandiers Karibea Hotel provides excellent facilities for children to enjoy themselves with a lovely playground and pool facility for kids to have a wonderful time at the location. In addition, this French island resort provides great opportunities for visitors to learn to scuba dive which its short scuba diving course. The location also has excellent business meeting and conference facilities for business travelers. A lovely site you will want to enjoy close to the resort location is the interesting stone carvings left by the indigenous Martinique people.

Hotel Cap-Est Lagoon Resort And Spa
This is one of the top five star Martinique resort. The hotel is located on the eastern coast of the island. It is one of the Martinique hotels that will give awesome opportunity to enjoy a secluded French island romantic vacation. This resort provides visitors with the opportunities to enjoy a lovely game of golf as well as tennis. It also provides the opportunities for visitors to go on excursions to explore the rich tropical interior of the island. Business travelers will find an excellent conference facility for them to conduct meetings. Moreover, after a long day meeting or touring the interior of the country you can relax and have a massage done at the health resort spa.

Mgallery Bakoua
The Mgallery Bakoua Hotel can make claims of being one of the most beautiful and sort after Martinique vacation resorts. This vacation resort is located on the west coast of the territory. Its beach is on the Caribbean Sea coastline of the country. The location is a place where you can enjoy lovely water and land sports activities. Some of these include kayaking, pedal boating, golf, tennis, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat excursions. The location features a French Indian design. Some of the indigenous Martinique culture are captured in the location design. For visitors traveling on business or want to stay close to the island’s Capital this is a good location to facilitate this. This is also an awesome Martinique family resort.

Hotel Carayou
This is one of the top Martinique all inclusive vacation resorts. It is located on the west coast of the island where many of the top resorts are located. The Martinique resort has won award for its excellent treatment of disabled visitors. There is a lovely spa treatment facility at the resort with amazing opportunities to enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, and relaxing in a pool and enjoy this French island resort sunset experience.

Family visitors will love the many fun water sports activities that are there to enjoy. Moreover, there are over two hundred suites at the location with the majority giving you a beach side views along some Caribbean palm trees while the other side of the resort allows you to see the marina. An interesting activity you may want to consider is the opportunity the resort gives you to go sailing to the Grenadines which are few hundred miles away but are some amazing islands to visit.

Karibea Hotel La Valmeniere
The Karibea Hotel is one of the location you will want to consider if you are thinking about Martinique hotels that are close to the capital of Fort-de-France. It is located overlooking the capital and is excellent place to host banquets, business meeting and conferences. Also, it is a lovely place to relax and look at the busy capital during the night.

French Caribbean Island - Martinique Attractions

As mentioned earlier the capital of the French Caribbean island of Martinique is Fort-de-France. It is situated on the western coast of the territory. This is the largest city in the French Caribbean territories. You will realize by now that some of resorts we have mentioned above there are not many Martinique hotels located in Fort-de-France. However, there are many interesting sites that will intrigue your imagination in the capital. The colonial infrastructure of the city is interesting to view. There are also lovely parks and a number of churches that are also amazing show pieces of the city as well. In addition, you will find that this city will give you the closest experiences to that of those you will enjoy in the Paris. There are excellent cafes and shop that line the street of the city. The La Sawan is a lovely place in the Fort-de-France that will allow you to enjoy excellent French entertainment and relax in a nice tropical garden. Arrangement can be made with any of the Martinique hotels mentioned for visitors to sample what the city is all about.

Fortresses are most of the main colonial structures you will find on all of the Caribbean territory. These structures are shocking reminders of the tough battles that were fought in order for these European countries to maintain control of these beautiful islands. Fort Saint-Louis is one such structure in Martinique that you can visit in the city. Other interesting locations in the city include Regional Museum of History and Ethnography, the Museum of Archaeology and Floral Park.

There are many other lovely places around the island the various Martinique hotels can give you access to. One of the is the Route-de-la-Tracy. This is an excellent hiking trail with a beautiful Botanical Garden. The Garden is called Jardim Balata. In addition, Balata Church and the River Alma which has a lovely waterfall are interesting to visit as well.

Any document covering the interesting aspect of the French Caribbean Island of Martinique must mention something about the old capital of Saint-Pierre. This was one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean before its destruction in 1902 by the The Montagne Pelee volcano which sits above the city. The eruption of the volcano completely destroyed the city leaving only one surviving prison behind. Today the city is slowly recapturing its former glory, but the lurking danger is still overlooking the city. Many of the different Martinique hotels provide opportunities for visitors to explore the remains of the city. Some of the interesting sites you will find include the ruins of the city jail, the museum of volcanology, the house-museum of Paul Gauguin, and the ruins of the old theater.

There French Caribbean island of Martinique is an excellent location for any form of vacations. The territory has lovely beaches and excellent eco-tourism attractions just waiting for visitors to explore. Moreover, there are many good Martinique hotels visitors can choose when planning a vacation to the territory. The five resorts mentioned above are great places to enjoy the destination. In addition, the country has and international airport and can also be reached from any of the surrounding territories airport which include Barbados, St. Lucia and Dominica.

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