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Free and Paid Advertising Packages

We at Tropical Treasures Vacation are passionate about assisting websites to get quality visitors to their site. Tropical Treasures Vacation is a Bing Ad Accredited Professional.  We are listed in the Bing Membership Direction You can follow the link to verify your membership.

As an expert at Bing Ads we will manage your ad campaign to all Bing Networks for your website. Our packages are affordable starting as low as US$20 per campaign. There is also an excellent free Ads package as well. The good news about this is you create or sign up to Bing Adwords and you make payments to that company. This gives you 100 percent control on your money. What you will pay Tropical Treasures Vacation is to manage your Bing Ad Campaign.

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Our free ads package provide you with the opportunity to add $10.00 to your Bing Adwords Account and we will manage that account for free for a month.  You will get up to 60 quality website to you website with this amount.

What you will be paying us to do?

·         Creating ads for Bing Ads Network,

·         Do keyword research and ensure most profitable keyword drive visitors to your website,

·         Update your ads and keywords daily,

·         Get send quality visitors to your website.

Our conversion rates are amongst the best in the market and will allow you get the best return on your investment. Consider paying US $100  to your Bing Ads Account and getting four or five bookings to your hotels for that cost.  This US $100 will give you not less than 400 to 500 targeted visitors to your website with the industry standard of two or three visitors  becoming actual customers.

On average three or four bookings are in the region of $6000 to $7000. This will be amazing benefits to your business. We at Tropical Treasures Vacation will manage your advertising dollars as if it is our own to allow you to get maximum returns guaranteed.  

One important aspect to highlight after you sign up or sign in to Bing Adwords Account they will give you a Customer ID number that you will have to give to us which will give us access to your Bing Adwords Account to create and manage all aspects of the advertising campaign.  This is  an easy and beneficial process


Ads Offer

Basically what we are offering you is a professional service for you to get quality website visitors coming your website to make bookings and any other engagement you require. This will be done through Bing Search Engine.

This is easy to set up.

1. If you do not have a Bing Adwords account as yet you will need to create one. This is the link

2. After you set up that account you will must put a tracking code into your website which is relatively easy to set up when you follow the instructions. We can guide you on this.

3. If you have a Bing Adwords Account already you will see a code with some numbers starting with X------ at the top of your Bing Adwords Account. You will need to give us this code to enable us to manage your account.

4. You will have to make a payment on your Bing Adwords Account to active it. You can use any of their payment method e.g. Paypal or Credit Card.

5. This payment will be made to your Bing Adwords Account and not to us.

6. The minimum amount is $10.00 to get your Bing Adwords Account active. However, we suggest you start with $50 - $100 to enable us to run a successful Bing Adwords Campaign for you.

7. After you make that payment to your Bing Adwords Account and give us the Code beginning with X-----. We will create 20 different Ads on all of the different network in Bing Search Engine. Bing has a target audience of over 152 million in the United States alone.

8. We will do daily research and make changes to your Bing Adwords Account to ensure that only quality visitors come to your website that converts into customers through Pay Per Click Advertising.

9. All you will need to do is pay Bing Adwords and allow us to send quality visitors to your website through Bing Pay Per Click Ads.

10. What you pay us? Our minimum fee $20.00 for every $100.00 you pay to Bing Adwords. We will create 20 quality well research ads and place them on Bing Ads Network for you.  We mainly accept payment through our Paypal account (


This may sent like a long procedure but, there are websites making thousands of dollars each year.   Let a professional send quality visitors to your website and make you the money you always wanted.

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