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What To Do In Dominica on a Vacation

There many exciting things to do in Dominica on a vacation when considering a visit to the Caribbean. Well, the island is a little harder to travel to than many of the popular Caribbean vacation islands, but the are some unique features and benefits that can only be experience on a visit to Dominica.

The largest living indigenous Caribbean population with functioning chief and their customs is indeed something to wittness. Overall, the country natural reserve of both forest and wild life is largely untough making it the nature island  of the Caribbean. This is the island to enjoy nature, camping and hiking in the forest.

Dominica is not only about nature, but the island is the top whale watching destination in the Caribbean. Why not pack your hiking shoe, binoculars, and your camp tent and jet off to nature island Dominica. The secret is the airfare might cost a little more than popular islands, but accommodation is a walk in the park.

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Top Dominica Vacation Resorts And Activities

One of the top Dominica spots is Rosalie Bay Resort Roseau. This  spot is ideal for both Domincia family and romantic vacation. There is a lovely private beach at the resort for visitors who crave seclusion in nature. Moreover, the hotel is well equipped with a multilingual staff complement that is eager to make visitors stay at nature island resort as comfortable as possible. Other notable resort activities that are done at Rosalie Bay include massages, excursions, conferences, indoor movie,  spa treatment, fitness center amongst others. Additionally, the hotel offers an amazing setting for dining with excellent nature views of the Atlantic Ocean in its peaceful tropical atmosphere. 

Atlantique View Resort and Spa


Another one in the category of top vacation resort Dominica is Atlantique View Resort and Spa. The location is only twenty minutes away from the airport with a great beach close by to the hotel.  This hotel is well equipped with high speed internet, tennis courts, fitness center and a lovely swimming pool for those who may not want to enjoy the beach. There is also a excellent nature island spa treatment facility.  Atlantique View Resort and Spa will ensure that you experience the island in the way you should with it tropical secluded romantic view of nature. Additionally, visitors can enjoy excursions to different natural attractions on the island when staying at the resort which will add more fun to their nature island vacation experience.

Calibishie Lodges

The Calibishie Lodges is another of the top resorts in Dominica. This lodge is an excellent spot to relax in nature. This nature island vacation spot is situated amongst some scenic banana and coconut plantations with an excellent white sandy Dominican beach at visitors’ disposal. There are many exciting activities that vacationers can engage in while staying at this lodge. There are excellent water sports activities which include fishing, snorkeling and diving. Additionally, there is a lovely pool at the location as well as a child care facility for a Domica family vacation.  The Calibishie Lodges is one of the nature  island vacation spot that will ensure that you enjoy both the sea and amazing views of nature on the island of Dominica.

Top Resorts in Dominica Photos

Destination Roseau


Belle Cote Villa

Belle Cote Villa - Luxury on Hodges Beach The Villa 

Secluded Mountain Cottage

nature island picture 

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge

nature island picture  

Rosalie Bay Resort

Rosalie Bay Nature Resort Photo #1 

Romantic Getaway on Nature Island

Romantic Getaway on Nature Island of Caribbean Our River 

Peppers Cottage Roseau

 The Best Cottage Package. Photo #1 

Destination Calibishie


Nature Island Destinations Ltd

Nature Island Dominica

3 Rivers Eco Lodge

  nature island dominica

Tamarind Tree Hotel And Restaurant

Tamarind Tree Hotel And Restaurant Photo #1

Fort Young Hotel

nature island dominica sunset

Rejuvenate In Paradise

Rejuvenate In Paradise! Relax at the River

Rainforest Holiday

  nature island dominica

Dominica Romantic Views of Nature And Culture

The different Caribbean territories provide some of the best places in the world for romantic vacations. One of the main contributing factors is the romantic views of nature that can be experienced in the various countries. There are amazing opportunities for visitors to experience excellent weather conditions all through the year, lovely natural vegetation, beautiful beaches, and great sunshine.

The Caribbean is situated in the topics which allows its temperature throughout the year to really go below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, visiting wanting the opportunity to enjoy great romantic time in nature will not have to worry about cold weather even in the winter months. This has allowed many vacationers to the islands to dress in their light clothing and enjoy amazing romantic views of nature when they visit the different countries. 

Romantic Caribbean Sunrise and Sunset 


Another feature of the islands of the region that will create some lovely romantic views of nature are the sunrise and sunset experiences. Although much has not been said about the amazing tropical Caribbean sunrise for romantic couples these are really amazing experiences. The different shades of orange that you can see at sunrise accompanied by the refreshing air are almost unbelievable to witness. Moreover, taking a soak in the warm Caribbean sea water or just go horseback riding on the beach at sunrise while looking that the spectacular views of the horizon are wonderful as well. A lot has been said about Caribbean sunsets which are really amazing romantic views of nature. Couples can enjoy these views from the hotel rooms, just relax in a hammock and watch the sunset or just spend your vacation at a resort that is located on the eastern side of any Caribbean territories. These are great places to create fun romantic memories. 

A great aspect of many Caribbean romantic vacation activities are the opportunities to go on romantic sunset cruises by sea or helicopter tours. These offer some incredible romantic views of nature that couples will treasure for a lifetime. There is also the lovely gardens and landscape in the different islands that creates some great romantic setting. The Caribbean palm trees along with many other species of trees and flowers are combined to form some of the best romantic settings you will find. You will find that many Caribbean resorts that offer incredible romantic experiences are those that embrace nature the most.

The Caribbean provides some awesome places to enjoy romantic views of nature. There are incredible opportunities to enjoy great sunrise and sunset experiences, lovely beaches to relax in nature, and lush tropical vegetation that are amazing to witness. The tropical Caribbean islands are just some great places to experience romance in nature.

Natural Attractions Dominica

Some highlights of nature island Dominica resort vacation include lovely rainforest, beautiful species of flowers and fauna, unique number of animal species that are mostly indigenous to the other islands. Dominica does not have any poisonous animal in its forest areas so there is no need to worry when hiking. These large forested areas are home to many hotels, cottages and eco lodges which are at the heartbeat of the island's tourist industry. They provide excellent opportunities for visitors to go camping, hiking, relax in nature and other outdoor attractions. The forest area is also home to Dominica farming industry as well.

This tropical Caribbean nature island also offer lovely opportunities to snorkel. Additionally, the island offer excellent diving opportunities with its beautiful coral reef and fishes.  The island also offers the opportunity to go whale and dolphins watching. These animals can be seen throughout the year. Moreover, there is the opportunity to go bird watching as the island has a number of unique species of birds that visitors will be fascinated about.

Dominica Indegenous Caribs

The indigenous Caribs population also offers a unique experience when visiting Dominica. They provide excellent entertainment and cultural historic details about the ancestors that generate great interest as well. When visiting the different Dominica hotels everyone must take the opportunity to see the Carib dances and get handmade souvenirs from them as well. Some of the top attractions in Dominica are the Boiling Lake, Hike the Glassy, swim in the Titou Gorge, visit the Emerald Pool and visiting the Trafalgar Falls. These are some of the lovely attractions you can get access to from the many resorts in Dominica featured above.

Fun Things To Do In Dominica

 Dominica is a country that is also known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. It has a vast variety of floras and faunas that are protected by its natural park system. There are also a lot of places and a lot of things to do here in Dominica, among them are these ten things one should do when in Dominica.  

Visit the Boiling Lake

 This is a wonderful tourist destination that you should visit when you are in Dominica. You will definitely enjoy the sight of this great lake as it boils because of the heat coming from the volcanic vent. If you are a novice when it comes to hiking, then you will definitely need a guide to tour you around the lake because of the rough terrain.

 Hike the Glassy

 This is a hike that will take about two to three days to be finished. During this hike, you will be going through farmland then you will pass through a deep jungle before you reach the coast and the cliffs. The hike only ends when you reach the point where the old volcanic flow meets the ocean, and here, you have to take care because there are big waves that are known to sweep people away and smash them against the rocks.

 Do the Jaco Steps

 It is not really clear why the Jaco Steps were built, but it is a good walk nonetheless. This will give you a good hike and exercise. Plus, you will also get to appreciate the wonderful scenery Dominica has to offer.

 Visit the Morne Trois Pitons National Park

 This national park is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will get to see a myriad of floras and faunas native to Dominica here. The many attractive locations it offers are enough to make anybody fall in love with the magical place.

See the Boeri Lake

 Nature lover or not, nobody can resist the raw beauty of Boeri Lake, which is a crater lake. As you hike the trail going to Boeri Lake, you will see magnificent views of the Atlantic coast. You are also going to go through a montane forest, a forest with a vast abundance of tree ferns and cabbage palm.

 Swim in the Titou Gorge

 Before you start your hike towards the Boiling Lake, you will encounter this small waterfall. This is a perfect place for you to swim in and is a famous tourist spot. It can also be the perfect finale for your Boiling Lake hike as there is also a small hot spring nearby.

 Visit the Emerald Pool

 A little cold for a swimmer’s taste, but Emerald Pool is still a grand place to visit. There is a short walk before you reach this little grotto. But the short walk is worth it as you are greeted by a magical sight.

Enjoy Trafalgar Falls

 About half an hour drive from Roseau is this popular twin waterfalls. You do not need to have a guide to reach these twin falls as you can easily reach it. This is a famous tourist spot where they can take a swim in the smaller waterfalls or, if they find it, take a refreshing and relaxing swim in the taller waterfalls’ hot spring.

 Go diving in Cabrits Marine Reserve

 Dominica is also known as a famous scuba diving destination. Here, you will see a wide variety of marine animals. But they are very strict in their rule of no touching the animals.

 Visit Scott’s Head

 This is a wonderful village that offers a great scuba diving experience in the bay. You can also go snorkeling here. You will see here bountiful sea creatures that live in its corals.

Resorts in Dominica are wonderful places to spend you vacation in nature. Why not experience this lovely Caribbean destination on you next trip to the Caribbean.

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