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Wedding Tips Cayman Islands

Wedding Tips Cayman Islands - Size, Cost and Application Process

Here is a bit of helpful wedding tips that will ensure you have a memorable time in the Cayman Islands.

Wedding Size and Cost


Having a tropical wedding is one of the most popular ways to get married and the Caribbean is one of the best places for this type of occasion. However, there are some important things you must consider. These may include whether you want a small, medium size or large wedding. The size of your wedding has a lot to do with the cost. Therefore, ensure you know the cost involved so you can inform those close to you well in advance what they will be required to do. Additionally, you will have to do research to find out the actual cost of travelling and accommodation so you can inform all your guests what will be expected of them.  You are aware that the larger your list of guests is the more the cost will be.   

Application Process and Marriage Licenses


One of the important wedding tips you will want to follow for your Cayman Islands wedding is to ensure that the application process is taken care of before any major plans have been made. This cost is less than $300 U.S and you will the required to show a valid birth certificate and identification card in order to get the actual marriage licence.  

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A Cayman Islands Wedding Photos

Cayman Islands Wedding

Wedding Tips Cayman Islands - Preparation, Planner, Venue and Entertainment

Preparation Before You Travel


It is recommended that all the preparation that can be done before you travel to the Island should be taken care of. The more detail preparation for the final day can be done on the day of the wedding.  Things like what to wear, ensure that you have a valid identification card, make visits to your fitness facility so you will look your best on the day, and visit the dentist can all have an impact on how stressful your wedding day can turn out to be. Additionally, if you are planning a major wedding and you have to ship stuff for the wedding to the island,  it is imperative that these preparations are done well in advance to prevent any mishaps. Close to the time you plan to travel things like planning your hairstyle, makeup and put all the stuff you need in the correct place can allowing you to have a relaxing and fun time at your Cayman island wedding.     

Planning Your Wedding and  Planner


One of the excellent wedding tips you will want to follow is to allow a wedding planner to take care of all the preparation. However, if you are detail person you are free to do most of it on your own, but there are many well experienced wedding planners in Cayman that will go the extra mile to ensure you have all you need in term of looks and the venue. In addition, these wedding planners are well known on the island so any unique things you will need will most likely be found by the them.

Selecting Venue and Entertainment


There are many lovely place to have your wedding when you are in the Caribbean. These include on the beach, at a church, in a garden, on a yacht at sunset, a stylish banquet hall to name a few.  One thing you will want to do is to make use of all the beautiful, stunning, amazing, lovely tropical scenery and background beauty that are around your wedding location. This is one of the best wedding tips you will ever get. You will need amazing photos and many of the locations in Grand Cayman will present you with some stunning locations for you to take photos.  Cayman Islands is one of the Caribbean countries so you can expect excellent entertainment in the various island flavours. Of course, you will have international music, as well.

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