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Caribbean Water Sports Activities

Exciting Caribbean Water sports Activities

There are many awesome Caribbean water sports activities to enjoy on a vacation to the islands. For the adventurous type of visitors, there are some amazing activities to participate in. The more reserved visitors who wants some quiet time in a secluded tropical vacation spot, there are  water sports activities you can enjoy.  Having fun with the different forms of water sports activities in the region is one of the surest way to enjoy the stunning beauty of the  Caribbean islands.

You will find that there are activities that are more popular in some islands than others. There is one thing you will enjoy for sure is the fabulous tropical weather which goes a long way in creating that amazing atmosphere for all the various types of fun activities you will engage in. The list of incredible water sports activities you can participate in can be endless, but for this brief overview we will just focus on some of the most exciting ones.

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Fun Water Sports Activities

Sailing in the BVI

Kids diving in Cayman islands

Caribbean Water sports Activities – Snorkelling and Scuba Diving


This is one of the easiest Caribbean water sports activities you will participate in. It only takes a snorkel, a mask, and two swimfins which you can bring for your vacation. There is no shortage of exciting marine attraction you can witness in the different country's waters. You must be aware that some islands have a no touch policy when it comes to marine life and attractions. This is purely a safety precaution and will beneficial to you.

An even more exciting part of snorkelling is young family members can participate in this activity. The recommended age to begin is at eight years old and eight to ten feet below the sea level in the recommended depth for diving at that age.  All the various Caribbean islands will allow for exciting snorkelling opportunities. However, to highlight a few islands you will find extremely exciting as well as cater for the different type of visitors, you choose the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, British and United States Virgin Islands, and the Grenadines.    

Scuba Diving

This Caribbean water sports activity is relatively similar to snorkelling and it is one of the fun activities for adult members of the family and teenagers. It is an activity for the adventurous types of visitors. You will be better advised to take a lesson or two from the professional before venturing out at sea to enjoy the spectacular attractions you will find under the Caribbean Sea. All the Sandals Resorts across the Caribbean will give you the opportunity to scuba diving.

To really name islands for will really be difficult because there are some many wonderful places to scuba diving. The Bahamas has one of the clearest underwater invisibility in the Caribbean and some awesome scuba diving opportunities, Cayman Islands is considered the marine life capital of the region with many absolutely fabulous spots to enjoy, Jamaica has calm waters for this activity, Anguilla has fantastic spots, British and United Virgin Islands have simply brilliant spots, and the French island of Martinique has incredible places to enjoy scuba diving.    

Caribbean Water sports Activities - Windsurfing and Surfing


Windsurfing is another terrific water sports Caribbean activity. This requires a bit of skills and is for the most adventurous types of visitors. The weather conditions will dictate how well you enjoy windsurfing, so it is advisable for you stay at a resort on the beach where you can monitor the wind conditions in order for you will get the best opportunities to enjoy this sport.

Many of the top resorts around the region will provide to with the necessary equipment to enjoy this activity or you will find that there are excellent rental businesses that will provide you with windsurfing equipment for a minimal fee. In term of countries that will give you great Caribbean windsurfing vacation spots you can look at Barbados which offer some of the most exciting places to enjoy the activities, the Dominican Republic which is considered the water sports capital of the region, Jamaica a good place as well, and the Cayman Islands.


I will not have to say much about surfing in the Caribbean because the islands are excellent spots to surf for all the different types of surfers. Whether you are professional, intermediate or just learn the basics or surfing there are excellent locations for you to enjoy. Also, you can consider traveling with your surfing board, but there are good surf rental companies in that region that will provide you will excellent surfing board.

Some islands even go further by providing you with different types boards depending on the breaks you will encounter. The Dominican Republic and Barbados of two of the amazing Caibbean surfing vacation destination. There are other locations on these islands that the different types of surfers will want to experience. Other country you can look at are the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Martinique, and St. Martin. In addition, you must realize that most of the islands have the Atlantis Ocean along their coastline which provide that ideal surfing conditions for you to have an amazing time.

Caribbean Water sports Activities - Water Skiing, Jet Skiing and Sailing

Water Skiing and Jet Skiing   

These are Caribbean water sports activities for the two types of visitors who will come to the region. The adventurous and the more reserved visitors. If you are the adventurous types of visit water skiing will be a fabulous adventure for you to enjoy. It is all about adrenaline and excitement. Jet skiing is great for romantic couples and the reserve family members how just want a little taste of excitement but are a bit afraid. This activity is done on the more popular beaches around the Caribbean. Many of the top destinations including the Domincan Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Barbados, and the British and United Stated Virgin Islands will give you fantastic opportunities to enjoy these activities.    


Caribbean water sports activities can be mentioned without sailing as a part of the setup. The region is one of the best spots for sailing. A reason for this is because of the closeness of the different islands to each other. You will hardly find that there are countries more than a hundred miles apart. This provides great opportunities for all the different types of visitors to enjoy themselves. Think about having breakfast on one island, lunch on another, yet another dinner, and retire to bed in another. These types of experiences are for islands like the Grenadines, the Bahamas and the United Stated and British Virgin Islands. Absolutely fantastic experiences. You will find many of the islands having cruises along their coastline which are amazing experiences you can enjoy.    

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