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Why choose a Caribbean water park resorts for your vacation?

What are the benefits of choosing these types of resorts?

How to book Caribbean resorts with water parks?

1. This is an easy process. The links below in blue will give direct access to these awesome vacation resorts in the Caribbean.

2. All of the water park hotels have their unique characteristics. St. Lucia will give you a nice small island feeling to your vacation experience, those in Jamaica are about fun and lots of activities for kids and adults, Bahamas is a world-class facility and Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are awesome to.

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Puerto Rico

El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort


Atlantis Hotels and Water Park | Coral Towers Atlantis


Beaches Negril Resort & Spa  |  Sunset Beach Resort And Spa

     Hilton Rose Hall Resort  | Beaches Boscobel Resort

St. Lucia  

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Turks & Caicos

Beaches Turks and Caicos Islands

Why choose a Caribbean resort with water parks for your vacation?

1. These are all quality all inclusive Caribbean vacation resorts.

2. These spots provide endless number of fun, challenging, and informative activities for kids and adults to participate in.

3. You can visit them all throughout the year. The weather is always great in the Caribbean.

4. They are awesome spots for romantic experiences. This is the place you will be talking about years to come. Take a splash or two together and scream if you have to.

5. Excellent spots for single parent to take their kids. It is a place where mommy and kids meets daddy and kids.

6. Although these resorts are little more expensive than others, kids absolutely enjoy themselves here. A Caribbean water vacation is an excellent reward for kids who are well at school.

7. The staff at these hotels are professionally trained in all security and safety procedures to ensure you and your loved ones have a fun filling incident free vacation.

8. Although these resorts are sometime crowded, this usually add to the fun and excitement at these Caribbean water park hotels. You may not want to participate in all that activities but you can have fun as a spectator to.

9. These resorts do not only offer water park activities, but all the other fun activities you find at regular all inclusive hotels are here to.

10. There are water park resorts that you will find less crowded where you can have fun activities with your family.


               What are some of the benefits you will gain by choosing a Caribbean resort with water park for your vacation?

1. No hidden fees to worry about. The all inclusive package you will choose will cover all the fun activities you can enjoy. However, if you choose items or activities that are not covered you will have to pay more.

2. You have long lazy rivers to enjoy, huge water slides, interaction with dolphins, Sesame Street characters, kids camp and movies just some of the exciting activities waiting for you to enjoy.

3. If you are on a tight budget choose these resorts in the summer months (June to September). This is the time resort cost are at the lowest and most affordable.

4. These Caribbean vacation spots are ideal for young couples and singles who wants to socialize. The lazy rivers are excellent spots to relax while the fast water slides will keep your adrenaline up.

5. Sometime it is better to ensure that all family members are happy at all time. Kids usually grow up quickly, therefore, a few extra dollars spent on enjoying a quality vacation resort may be the best childhood memories you will give your kids.

6. For romantic couples who are often time conservative these resorts provide activities that will allow you come out of your comfort zone. Why not choose a spot that will help you to discover something new about yourself. These are spots to have fun in a safe and well managed location.

7. Take as many photos as you can. You will cherish these memories.


My most fun family trip as child went like this. My mom prepared some protien the day before the trip which I do not like. At lunch on the day of the trip I refused the protien. Everyone enjoy theirs.

In the afternoon my mom offered me some again. I reluctantly took, but to my surprise I realize what was missing. I can beat myself to this day. But, the trip was really informative. We visit the beach, museum and meeting new people. Simply priceless experiences. Here are some Caribbean resorts that will creates memories for you and yours kids that will last a lifetime

Benefits for Waterpark Resorts for Family Vacation

  1. You will find that a family that plays together stays together. These resorts are some of the best Caribbean family resorts to have fun.
  2. Kids will be able to participate in some exciting educational programs that will create great memories.
  3. Your family will be able to create fun memories that will last a lifetime.
  4. These resorts are full of adventures. Life is full of adventures, a vacation is full of adventure and these resorts are some of the most amazing places for adventures.
  5. You will realize that kids will be kids and they will soon grow up.They certainly grow up fast so make the most of life and let them enjoy their childhood the best way you can afford.
  6. The fun thing about these resorts are they allow adults to  enjoy themselves and relax. All the wonderful benefits like spas, massages, water sports and entertainment are here for adults to enjoy.


El Conquistador Resort Puerto Rico

Features: water slides, long lazy river, adventure with its rope bridge, Spa, tennis, golf, free chilren packages

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El Conquistador Resort

The El Conquistador, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is one of the top resorts with water park found in Puerto Rico. This resort is not an all inclusive resort but, there are many special packages for all citizens of the United States. The hotel is well equipped ultra modern facility with lovely water slides, a long lazy river, an exciting adventure with its rope bridge and great pools for every member of the family.

This attraction can be enjoyed althroughout the year. Additionally, the hotel allows you to get a wonderful view of the both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Moreover, visitors can enjoy activities such as golf, windsurfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, tennis, a fitness center, and surfing. El Conquistador Resort also have a multilingual staff complement which will enable your visit to be even more rewarding in the Spanish Caribbean island.

Caribbean Water Park Resorts Bahamas

Atlantis Hotels and Water Park

Royal Towers Atlantis

Features: Summer Camps,  Teen Activities, Kids AdventuresAmazing Kids Water-play Fort, 11 Fun Swimming Pools, 20 swimming areas, Mile-long River, Wave Surges, High-speed water Slides, Dolphin Cay, Weddings, Golf, Spa, Theatre, Live Entertainment

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The Atlantis Hotels and Water Park and Coral Towers Atlantis is the Bahamas has the largest water parks resort in the Caribbean. It features a Mayan Temple Water Slides with five unique slides. This slide allows you along at speeds of about 35mph from a 60 foot vertical drop slide.

There are other interesting features with a one mile long river with surge waves, eleven modern swimming pools for kids with lovely water play forts, and rock climbing. The Atlantic Water Park offers an amazing tropical attraction for visitors to Bahamas. There are opportunities to swim with dolphins, shopping, play golf, and kayaking as some of the many activities. This is a location in the Bahamas that families will find amazing with its lovely beach and excellent lazy river.

All Inclusive Caribbean Water Park Resorts In Jamaica

Beaches Negril Resort

Features: plunge pool, pool-side grill, lazy river,local tours, Arched bridges, swim-up bar, water cannons, misting pool, barefoot dining, huge whirlpool, arched bridges, self-serve ice-cream machine, European spa, tennis, windsurfing, spiraling tunnels over 200 feet long, free weddings, customize wedding, Island Routes Reggae Cruise

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Beaches Negril Resort

The Beaches Negril Resort and Spa is an awesome all inclusive Jamaica water park resort in Negril. It is a vacation spot that is excellent for family vacation with its location on the famous Seven Mile Beach. The park occupies over 18000 square feet of tropical beauty. The location includes a plunge pool, pool-side grill, swim-up bar, huge whirlpool, lazy river, arched bridges, self-serve ice-cream machine and spiraling tunnels over 200 feet long. Additionally, there are six restaurants, game garage, a rainforest game room, windsurfing, scuba diving, water-skiing, boating spa and a kid's club, hydro-bikes, mini-golf course and playground at the resort. Reviews from top hotel portals asserts that the resort lazy river is loved by children and the location is really an all inclusive Jamaica waterpark hotel that you don't need to take around your wallet.




Sunset Beach Resort And Spa Montego Bay

Features : lazy river,  snorkeling, paddle boats, kayaking, sea tours, sunfish sailing, boats, paddleboats, beach soccer and volleybal, island tours,  miniature golf, work-out, cooking class, mixology class, Spa

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Sunset Beach Resort And Spa

The Sunset Beach Resort And Spa Montego Bay is another all inclusive Caribbean water park resort found in Jamaica. This attraction water slide is 35 feet in high and over 240 feet long slide. There is all a lovely lazy river that visitors can relax and float in. This facility is designed specifically for kids between the ages for two and twelve years old. Also, there is a facility designed for older children along with other exciting land sports activities. Additionally, there are many lovely water sports attractions that visitors can also participate in. These include snorkeling, sunfish sailboats, paddleboats, kayaking beach soccer and volleyball. Moreover, the resort has a private beach for those who loves seclusion. This is an all inclusive hotel that is both excellent for family and romantic vacations with its all inclusive vacation packages that will ensure at visitors get the time of their life. The location is one of the best in its category for couples to enjoy themselves.


Hilton Rose Hall Resort

Features: Jamaica's largest water park, lazy river, live entertainment, water slide, waterfalls, swim up bar, terraced pools, lagoons, jungle garden, live music, games, private beach, colonial,free for Kids 12 and under, plantation setting, golf, world-class spa, weddings, meetings

Another of the Caribbean water park resort is Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa - All Inclusive in Montego Bay. The resort has a private beach and is an excellent all inclusive vacation resort. This Jamaica Water park resort is called the Sugar Mill Falls Water Park features a lazy river, 280 foot long water slide, three terraced pools, lagoons, jungle garden, live music daily, games, waterfalls, swim up bar amongst others. Also, there are other features like golf, a lovely beach pool, tennis, kids club and a spa as additional activities you can engage in.

Beaches Boscobel

: Sesame St. Characters, Special Kid's Menus, six slides, Pirates Island, Self-serve Ice-cream, spe

ed slide, Kid´s Zone, a tube slides, Water Crawl Cargo Agua Play Area, body slide and waterfalls, tube slide, body slide, speed slide, golf, Spa Facilities, Swim-up Pool Bar

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Beaches Boscobel Resort

The exciting Ocho Rios the Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club is another awesome all inclusive Jamaica water park resort. The resort has an excellent view of the Caribbean Sea. Beaches Boscobel Water Park covers an area of 27000 square feet with six slides, speed slide, a tube slides, body slide and waterfalls. This resort is a wonderful all-inclusive family resort as well. Some of the other activities that can be done at the location include fishing, kayaking, exercising and jogging on a trail, scuba diving and other water sports attractions. In additions, there is a child pool and an outdoor pool available.


Sunset Jamaican Grande

Features: swimming pools, hot tubs, water bikes, water trampolines, plunge pools, lighthouse waterslide, tours to Dunn's River Falls, Dolphin Cove,Mystic Mountain, White River Tubing, Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour, horseback riding, river rafting, spa, weddings

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Sunset Jamaican Grande

The Sunset Jamaican Grande is located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It gives visitors to the destination a great opportunity to enjoy a lovely Caribbean water park resort and visit the Dunn’s River Fall which is one of the island top tropical attractions. The water park features five swimming pools, hot tubs, plunge pools, and lighthouse waterslide to name a few. Additionally, there are lovely restaurants, bikes, paddleboats, kids club and a teen center as some of the other features. The resort also offers great all-inclusive vacation packages, as well.

Caribbean Water Park Resorts In St. Lucia

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa

Features: Waterslide, lazy river, Children's club, Cable TV service, outdoor swimming pool, children's swimming, kids activities, tennis , health club, island tours, adults only, windsurfing centr, spa 

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Coconut Bay Beach


The Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa water park is the largest is the island of St. Lucia. This is another excellent tropical Caribbean vacation experience with its lovely lazy river and great slides. The Coconut Coaster provides many fulfilling twists before you escape into a plunging pool. There are a number of great activities for family members with a paintball center, games, canons, spilling bucket to name a few. Also, the island offer many exciting site seeing adventures. This hotel is one of the top all-inclusive options on the island of St. Lucia. Additionally, the Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa offers great wedding packages as well. This is one water park spots that has excellent reviews in all areas. The food is excellent, location is good, staff is friendly, and is a great place for family vacations.

Water Park Resorts In Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico

Beaches Turks and Caicos

Features: kids camp,  Kids-only swim-up bar, nine exciting slides, Sesame Sttreet Character, great surf-simulator machine, kid-friendly pools,  swim-up soda bars, Water cannons, 50's style diner, Waterfall pool, Beach Volleyball, Squash, Basketball, darts, tennis, rock-Wall climbinggolf, shuffleboard

Check your airfare to Providenciales Airport Turks and Caicos Islands

Beaches Turks and Caicos

The Beaches Turks and Caicos Islands are located north of Hispaniola and southeast of the Bahamas. One of the main attractions in the islands is Beaches Turks and Caicos. This is one of the largest Caribbean water park resorts. There are nine exciting slides and great surf-simulator machine. This attraction is a great place for family vacation. The park is also an excellent facility for dinner and enjoying the wonderful flavors of ice-creams.  Additionally, the hotel offers great all-inclusive spots with two and three room suites that can accommodate up to twelve visitors. The resort is just a great choice for guest visiting Turks and Caicos Islands and is a lovely for the holidays althroughout the year.  These are some great Caribbean water park resorts that are just waiting to be discovered.

Caribbean Resorts with Water Slide in St. Lucia And Bahamas

Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa

The Smugglers Cove Resort and Spa one of the amazing Caribbean vacation spots that has water slide in St. Lucia. Its also a good resort for romantic vacation, as well. The hotel provides an amazing tropical island resort location where visitors can relax in nature and experience exciting romantic experiences. The location is all inclusive St. Lucia vacation resort with some excellent opportunities for visitors to enjoy water sports, dining at four lovely restaurants, and enjoy top St. Lucia luxury spa facility. This resort has an excellent water slide that all family members will absolutely enjoy. Moreover, the resort provides vacation entertainment for all members of the family.

There is a Kids' Club at the location that provides activities all through the day that will keep children occupy which will allow you enjoy the lovely spa treatment facility at the hotel. The resort family program takes into account the needs of teenagers, as well. There are activities such as cooking, volleyball and Archery that teenagers can participate in while visiting the resort. In addition, there are educational programs that are based on fun activities and games that kids with love at the hotel. Apart from the exciting water slide that family members will enjoy at the resort there are excellent beach and watersports activities that are just waiting for you to enjoy at Caribbean vacation resort.

Comfort Suites Paradise Island Resort

The Bahamas is one of the famous places in the Caribbean for water sports activities. It is the place to visit in the Caribbean if you want to enjoy water park resort of world class standard.  The Comfort Suites Paradise Island Resort is located a short distance away from the Atlantis Water Park Resort. This has some of the most amazing water slides, lazy river, and great opportunities to interact with dolphins at the resort. Comfort Suites Paradise Island Resort is a great way to enjoy a top family vacation resort in the Caribbean for a fraction of what you will really pay for a hotel of this quality. Moreover, because the Comfort Suites is located near the Atlantis Resort many of the great activities that your kids and teenagers will want to enjoy that are close by which give them easy access to these activities. Comfort Suites is a great idea for a Bahamas family vacation with the lovely activities you can get access to on your holiday.

Valuable Tips To Remember For Water Parks

All inclusive Caribbean water park resorts are some of the best places for family vacations. The different resorts mentioned above are great choices for this family and even romantic vacation. One of the great things about the locations is their accessibility throughout the year. This means that these attractions can be enjoyed at any given time during the year.

Water Park Safety Tips

To get the best out of the lovely attractions there are most measures that can be put in place. The Caribbean sun is wonderful to enjoy. However, when enjoying a lazy river floating your body is most likely to be exposed to the sun. Therefore, it is important that appropriate amounts of sunscreen be applied to the body to prevent sunburn. Parents should ensure that they pack appropriate amounts of sunscreen lotion ever though it may be available at the resort. Additionally, parents should allow their children to visit the bathroom regularly throughout the day and ensure that kids are bathe properly before and after the visit to the location. Moreover, if any visitor has diarrhea, especially in the case of children they should not participate any activities at the location.

Additionally, it is also important for visitors to take care of their valuables. Moreover, it is not a wise idea to walk with large amounts of cash when enjoying these facilities. In cases where valuables must be taken individual must try to ensure that these items are in bags well secured to their body. Also, persons can also ask for assistance from the resort to secure their valuables. Other important things that family members must be aware of are always know where children are at all times, ensure that play in the appropriate pool, and allow children to take breaks from participating in the different rides.  All inclusive Caribbean water park resorts are excellent places to take your family vacation.

All inclusive Family Resort in the Caribbean

Jolly Beach Resort Antigua

Although the Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua does not have a water park facility at its location it is one of the top resorts in the Caribbean for a family vacation. This all inclusive vacation resort provides three excellent programs that family members will love to participate in. Some of the main facilities and services at this resort include kidz soiree, nature walks, beach picnic, seashell hunting, treasure hunting, and Caribbean story time. These are all great things that children will really be interested in when vacationing at the location. Even more interesting is the resort spa treatment facility which has a section for children, as well. However, are three major programs for families to participate in. These include the adventure, sports and the relax and cool down Jolly Beach Resort Programs. The different program offers many interesting activities that family members will enjoy. Some of these activities include story telling on the beach, sailing, watching the stars, kayaking, tennis, family beach olympics, movie nights, parties for children, and parents date night to name a few.  The Jolly Beach Resort is not what you will consider a water park resort but, the hotel is an excellent all inclusive vacation resort in Antigua for family vacation. It is one of the locations in Antigua that must be considered for any forms of exciting family vacation. 

Carimar Beach Club

One of the top family vacation resort located on the island of Anguilla is the Carimar Beach Club. The resort provides some excellent one and two bedroom villas which are ideals for all forms of affordable family vacations. This vacation spot gives easy access to a Caribbean resort with water slide in Anguilla. The name of this resort is the Malliouhana Hotel and Spa. This hotel offers some great packages for family members to spend a day enjoying the water slide facility.  Family members will lovely the Carimar Beach Club because it allows you to create an atmosphere with a feeling of a home away from home.  The different villas have kitchens and internet facilities for kids, teenagers and adults to make themselves comfortable in a home environment. These villas are beachfront and beachview villa suites. Another interest access of a family vacation to the island of Anguilla is the lovely pink sandy beaches on the island to enjoy.  This will allow our kids to have access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean while having the opportunity to enjoy a Caribbean resort with water slide on the island.

Top Private Plunge Pools Caribbean Resorts

Another dimension to Caribbean water park resorts are those spots that have private plunge pools. You will find that there are many these resorts all across the region, but you will find that there are some that stands out. These are ideal location for luxury vacation for couples who need to be pampered in seclusion.

One thing you must keep in mind about these private plunge pools Caribbean resort is that they are a little more costly to enjoy. However, these hotels are that ideal spots of honeymoon and romantic vacation. These are the spots you use for renewing your marriage vows of to surprise your spouse in paradise. You will find these hotels having some amazing luxury suites.

Jade Mountain Resort         Sandals Grande Ocho Rios         Cap Juluca Anguilla 

Sandals Grande Antigua     Spice Island Beach Resort          Catalonia Royal Baravo    

Tip on Caribbean Family Vacation

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