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Why a British Virgin Islands luxury resort for a vacation? The answer is simple. Excellent small resorts, private islands, amazing coral reefs for snorkelling and scuba diving, have breakfast on one island, lunch on another and dinner on another in one day, lovely romantic resort spots, and great weather all through the year are just so great reasons that you can choose any of the lovely BVI resorts mentioned. When you speak about a Caribbean sailing vacation it is best you focus on the BVI and USIV. You can get your sun hat, suntan lotion and your binocular ready for  fun at some amazing British Virgin Islands vacation spots in the brilliant  sunshine.   

If you have traveled to the British Virgin Islands you will agree with me that it takes a little longer time to get to your final destination than many of the smaller Caribbean islands. This does not prevent the the BIV and the USVI from being the most popular Caribbean vacation spot for sailing in the region. We have provided you with links to some of the top resorts that you can explore for your vacation and use the cheapOair link at the top for airline packages. The question of ferry to take you to your final destination can be answered with this link. Inter Island Ferry

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Peter Island Resort      Rosewood Little Dix Bay     Scrub Island Resort and Spa       

Bitter End Yacht Club       Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa Suites

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Luxury BVI Resorts For Private Vacation

Rooms :

Peter Island Resort

Peter Island Resort & Spa Photo #1

Little Dix Bay A Rosewood Resort

Little Dix Bay A Rosewood Resort Photo #1

Long Bay Beach Resort And Villas

Long Bay Beach Resort And Villas Photo #1

Peter Island Resort

The Peter Island Resort is one of the most awesome British Virgin Islands luxury resort for secluded private island holidays. This vacation spot is an excellent location for romance and honeymooning. Visitors have a private beach, excursions, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, beach soccer and volleyball that vacationers can enjoy. Of the many vacation resorts in the BVI this location offers one of the finest wedding and romantic experience with its staff complement which is larger than the number of visitors.

 This is a resort will allow you to be pampered in luxury. Visitors to the island will have to travel to Tortola via any of other the islands such as Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas in the United States Virgin islands. The Beef Island Airport in the BVI has an excellent facility that caters for visitors traveling to Peter Island Resort. This journey is about thirty minutes on a ferry.

The Rosewood Little Dix Villas

The Rosewood Little Dix Bay is another top BVI luxury vacation resort. It is located Virgin Gorda a few miles from Tortola, which is the main island in the territory. One thing you will really love about the BVI is that it is less than an hour ride by boat or plane from the United States Virgin Islands. This makes traveling to the BVI extremely hassle free.

However, this luxury resort is all about romance, excellent water sports attractions and wonderful sailing and island hopping experiences. The resort has a number of excellent villas that makes it ideal for romantic BVI vacation. This destination is one of the spots you will want to choose for a small island wedding with its amazing wedding spots to choose.

Top Sailing Luxury Resorts In The BVI

 Scrub Island Resort Spa

Scrub Island Resort  Spa & Marina Photo #1


Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End Yacht Club Photo #1


Fort Recovery Beach Villas

Fort  Recovery Beach Villas Photo #1


Long Bay Beach Resort And Villas

Long Bay Beach Resort And Villas Photo #1

Scrub Island Resort and Marina

The Scrub Island Resort and Spa and Marina is one of the leading sailing resort in the BVI. The resort offers luxury experience at its best. Visitors will get easy access to the marina and great opportunity to go island hopping on the different cays as well as exploring the various coral reefs in and around the British Virgin Islands.

Additionally, there are watersports activities like snorkeling, kayaking and diving that visitors can participate in. There is also hiking and a fitness facility that can be used for working out. The resort is a five star BVI vacation resort, so vacationers can expect luxury treatment at its best at the location. This location is excellent for weddings and romantic holiday. Additionally, the location also provides good child care facility which makes it an amazing British Virgin Islands luxury resort family vacation spot for visitors to enjoy.

Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club is one of the finest locations in the Virgin Islands family vacation spot to relax and enjoy some wonderful small island experience. It is a great Caribbean sailing spots. This resort provides great opportunities for visitors to go island hopping as there are excellent yachts, and boats available for rent.

The hotel is located in Virgin Gorda just 35 minutes by ferry from the main island of Tortola. Also, the resort is equipped with fitness center, massage and beauty treatment facility as well as a facility to care for kids. Visitors will get a wonderful view of the marina from the location as well as enjoy some excellent Virgin Islands hospitality. This is one of the top BVI hotels that will allow you to enjoy sailing experiences at its best.

Fort Recovery Beachfront and Villa Suites

The Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa Suites is amongst the top BVI Resorts. This location is ideal for family and largest group vacation. One of the unique features of the resort is a library which caters for both adults and children alike.

Interestingly, the location also allows you to get breathtaking views of the ocean as well as excellent atmosphere to relax in seclusion as well. The resort is an ideal place of for a Caribbean sailing vacation as it gives easy access to the top BVI Yacht Charter companies on the island. Like most locations the hotel offers a spa treatment facility, fitness center, swimming pool and a wonderful private beach.

Guide To Sailing and Yacht Charter In The British Virgin Islands

Temperate rage between constant 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year  in the British Virgin Islands. The wind speed ranges from 10-25 knots throughout the year with the winter months being a little higher. One of the benefits of sailing in the British Virgin Islands is that the islands are in close to each other. This allows the water between each island to be calm as well as well protected.  Additionally, the different attractions are close together which give visitors more opportunities to enjoy the features of the different small island.

When you are sailing in the BVI you will enjoy amazing tropical Caribbean vacation spots, excellent with sand beaches, and stunning marine attractions to name a few activities.  British Virgin Islands are the leading Caribbean sailing spot because of the over 50 small islands with cays and under water cave that you can enjoy. The islands are west of the United Stated Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Moreover, you may be wondering how to enjoy these islands without a boat or yacht but, the island of Tortola have some of the largest yacht charter companies in the world.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

One of the leading yacht charter companies in the BVI is the BVI Yacht Charters Company. This company is in Tortola. It caters for yacht chartering in the British and United Stated Virgin Islands. Its fleet is able to manage different traveling groups such as families, large groups and even couples. Some of the different places in the territory that the charter allows you to visit include Virgin Gorda, Beef Island, and Jost Van Dyke. Yachts are normally chartered for seven days.  Another of the island top charter company is Virgin Island Sailing Ltd.

This charter company provides you with a captain and chef. The different place this company allows you to explore on its yachts are you starting from the United States Virgin Island of St. Thomas to St. John an island known of excellent snorkeling and hiking opportunities, visiting the small island of Josh Van Dyke and Peter Island Resorts, snorkeling in Great Harbor and sailing on Cane Garden Bay. There is also the opportunity to visiting a floating restaurant as well.

Island Hopping in British and United States Virgin Islands

The islands of the British and United States Virgin Islands are some of the best Caribbean vacation spots for island hopping in the region. Both territories consist of some ninety small islands, islets and cays and cover an area of one hundred and thirty three square miles. These islands have some of the best yacht charter companies in the region and some of the best fleets of yachts. This has allowed the islands to rank amongst the top in the world for tropical sailing vacation adventures. In addition, you are not allowed to just go sailing through these islands, but they have some excellent marine attractions that will fascinate the imagination of those who can snorkel and scuba dive.

These island hopping opportunities are excellent for group, family and romantic vacations. Picture yourself having breakfast on one island, snorkel, jet skiing and scuba diving in another, then having dinner in another. Finally, retiring to bed in another island. This just a sample of what the two tropical vacation spots of the British and United States Virgin Islands provide you with on a Caribbean island hopping vacation adventure. Now you know a BVI vacation is all about amazing sailing adventures.

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