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Quality Bermuda Beach Resorts For Luxury and Family Vacation

There are excellent benefits when choosing a Bermuda beach resort for your vacation. Bermuda weather temperature is a little cooler than the Caribbean islands which make its an ideal vacation spots for visitors who like cooler temperatures on a small island. Bermuda is known as the “Jewel of the Atlantic.”

Amazingly though, it is located outside what is considered, the Caribbean. Interestingly however, if you can imagine pink sandy beaches of world-class quality, calm, peaceful relaxing islands and wonderful resorts, golf, shopping, exploring caves, as well as going island hopping, this is the vacation spot for you.  Some top beach resort includes  Elbow Beach, Bermuda, Fairmont Hamilton Princess and Pink Beach Club and Cottages. This island is an ideal romantic weekend getaway for romantic couples.

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Bermuda Luxury Beach Resorts Photos

Fairmont Hamilton

Fairmont Hamilton Princess Photo #1 

Coco Reef Bermuda 

Coco Reef Bermuda Photo #1

Elbow Beach Bermuda

Elbow Beach Bermuda

Bermuda Luxury Golf Resorts

The Fairmont Southampton Hotel

The Fairmont Southampton Hotel  is quality Bermuda luxury golf resort.  This spot gives you a lovely tropical experience to your vacation with its lovely palm tree at the location. It allows the resort to create an ideal environment for luxury vacation. In addition, this resort is close to some of the top attractions on the Bermuda. These include Church Bay, Gibb's Hill Lighthouse Fairmont Southhampton Golf Club, and Horseshoe Bay.  According to top hotel portals reviews claimed the golf course at the hotel was fun, but challenging, very fast check in and out procedures at the hotel, and  the gym facility was great. However, the guest room was noisy.

 The resort has a lovely private beach for visitors how lovely seclusion. Moreover, there is a multi-lingual staff at the location along with banquet, conference and business meeting facilities. The resort beauty treatment facility and massage are something you will absolutely enjoy.  Some of the different types of activities you will enjoy at this Bermuda resort include scuba diving, jet-skiing, golf, tennis, excursions, and horseback riding. Family visitors are not left out from enjoying a lovely daily program for kids which provide different entertainment activities for children.

Elbow Beach Bermuda

The Elbow Beach is ranked as one of the top Bermuda luxury resorts. This vacation spot is located on one of the world most  famous beaches the Pink Sand Beach. Additionally, the spa treatment facility at the resort is rated amongst the top in the world. Moreover, the location offers visitors a private beach for those who lovely seclusion.  The hotel provides excellent outdoor pools and swimming pools for vacationers to enjoy and relax. Other activities visitors can participate in includes tennis, kayaking, water sports, horseback riding and work out in the location fitness facility. This is one of the top Bermuda beach resort and is a four star hotel.

Family Resorts photos Bermuda

Pink Beach Club

Pink Beach Club Photo #1 

Cambridge Resort

Cambridge Beaches Resort And Spa Photo #1

Bermuda Luxury Family Resorts

 Fairmont Hamilton Princess

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is one of the top Bermuda luxury family resort. This hotel has a 19 century design locating just above the Hamilton Harbour. The resort is an excellent place to host business conferences as well as other group vacation visits such as weddings and family get together. Visitors can participate in activities such as tennis, sailing, skiing, golf, dolphins watching nearby, snorkeling and scuba diving to name a few. Moreover, the facility offers excellent child care services as well as a fitness center and a massage spa facility. Additionally, the facility provides bicycle for rent or visitors can choose to go horseback riding. The resort is a four star hotel and it offers luxury at its best.

Pink Beach Club and Cottage

The Pink Beach Club is an ideal location for family and romantic vacation in Bermuda. The resort offers a private beach which will allow you to spend quality time with your partner. However, the hotel specializes in weddings. This location provides couples with one of the most picturesque scenery for weddings and a staff complement that will make the occasion even more special. The location offers excellent child care service, massage and fitness facility for visitors. This is a Bermuda beach resort that should always be considered when planning a wedding on the island. There are also swimming pool and outdoor pool along with tennis courts to keep visitors active.

Bermuda Luxury Spa Resorts

Cambridge Beaches Resort

The Cambridge Beaches Resort is by far one of the finest hotels in a class with a number of awards from prestigious travel organization on the islands. This location is ideal for family and romantic vacations. However, there is an age restriction of children under the age of eight years old except during the Christmas period of the year and the hotel do not permit kids five years and less on the property.

This vacation spot is one of the top Bermuda luxury  spa resort with five lovely five beaches, a top of the line spa and massage facility, multilingual staff complement, excursion tours around the islands, sailing and conference facility. Other activities that the resort offer includes windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing and tennis court facility. This is a Bermuda beach resort that guarantees visitors a fun filling time on the island.

Bermuda Wedding Spots

Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Elbow Beach, Bermuda Photo #1 

Tucher's Piont Hotel 

Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa Spa Reflecting Pool

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach Resort Photo #1

Guide To Beach Resorts For Family and Romantic Vacation In Bermuda

The different beach accommodations will welcome you with open arms. This little territory that is located just outside the Caribbean, and the closest Atlantic island to North America that you say, I only have airfare and few hundred for hotel to travel to one of the lovely Caribbean islands. But, I still wants a quality resort to stay. Bermuda allows you to cut that airfare and book a lovely luxury resort with the rest of your funds. Well, this is the remarkable advantage you will find with this unique island.

The island is not considered a Caribbean territory because of its North Atlantic location. However, Bermuda has some similarities and differences to many Caribbean destinations. Unlike the hot tropical weather condition that is all throughout the year in the Caribbean region Bermuda weather condition is sub-tropical with its cool weather. The months from May to October is the best time to visit Bermuda if you want to enjoy some warm weather. Despite the sometime cool weather the island is one of the top vacation destinations in the world for honeymoon and vacations.





Fun Bermuda Vacation Activities and Attractions

The country’s capital Hamilton is the main hub of the territory with many exciting cultural and social activities and traditions. Hamilton is also the commercial center of the territory. However, the capital has many lovely restaurants, shops and sites which cater for the large number of visitors that visit the territory each year.  There is also the added attraction of the harbor with is one of the finest harbors in the Western Hemisphere. One of the exciting features of the harbor is it is usually be buzzing with activities during the summer month and on Wednesday night as well.  Some of the places you can visit on Bermuda vacation tour of the capital of Hamilton are the Bermuda National Gallery, Fort Hamilton and Bars Park. You can rest assure that there will be Bermuda destination deals that will fit your choice.

St. George Island Attractions

One must visit site on the island is St. George island. It is a spot that is always busy with activities throughout the year and is perfect for all members of the family. St. George has one of the top World Heritage centers. A visit to this site will allow you to get interesting insights into the political and social aspects of the island. Other places of interest in St. George Island include the Town Hall, Old State House, White Horse Tavern, Carriage Museum and king’s Square. There is also the added attraction of the Bermuda Botanical Gardens which is also a wonderful place to visit.

Other Attractions

Another fascinating feature of Bermuda vacation attraction is the country's caves. The island possesses over 150 limestone cave system with interesting stalactites and stalagmites formations, crystal clear blue pools, and underwater caverns. These caves are on the eastern section of the island between Harrington Sound and Castle Harbor. This is an interesting avenue for visitors who love this form of adventure as the caves offer many challenges for adventurous visitors.  Are you thinking of a Bermuda beach resort? Well think no more. Just use our page and get access to the top online deals on any given day. 

Bermuda Beach Resort Photo

Surf Side Beach Club

Surf Side Beach Club Photo #1 

Rosedon Hotel

Rosedon Hotel Photo #1  

Fourways Inn Cottage

Fourways Inn Cottage Colony Photo #1

The Reef

The Reefs Photo #1

Newstead Belmont Hills

Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa Balcony

Fairmont Southampton

The Fairmont Southampton Photo #1

Caribbean Vacation safety tips that can help you.

  • Firstly, make sure that you have locked and secured all gates, doors and windows before leaving home.
  • Check to ensure that all electrical appliances are unplug.
  • Request discontinuation of newspaper or magazine subscriptions deliveries from these companies to prevent pile up. These often give signal that owner of the property is not at home.
  • When you and your family are out sightseeing, dining or shopping, study your maps and know where you are going so that you look like a confident traveler.
  • Pay Attention to the Pre-flight briefing.
  • Keep your seat belt fastened while you are seated
  • Keep your wits about you
  • Don’t wear your flashy jewelry or watches.
  • Bring a bag that secure your valuables. It is vital that you are alert to your surroundings.
  • Ensure that you lock the door key does not remain outside.
  • You can leave the keys with a close trusted friend or family member living in close to your home.

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