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Barbados Beaches

Barbados Beaches On The Western Coast

The Caribbean tropical vacation destination of Barbados has the distinction of being the only island in the Eastern Caribbean completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Although completely surrounding by the Atlantic Ocean the island has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The eastern coast of the island is more suited for wind surfing while the southern and western coasts have excellent beaches for virtually form any form on beach activities.

One of the important thing to note about beaches in Barbados are there are no private beaches on the islands. Another thing you will learn about the island is that it is divided into eleven parishes. You will find that the different vacation destinations on the island are divided amongst the parishes. The parishes of Christ Church, St. James, St. Michael and St. Peters have the best beaches and resorts on the islands. These are located on the western coast of the island.

Christ Church Beaches

Some of the most notable beaches in this parish are Inch Marlow Beach, Long Beach, Freights, Silver Sands Beach, Cotton House Bay, St. Lawrence Gap, Sandy Beach, Dover Beach, and Maxwell Beach. The Inch Marlow Beach, Long Beach, Freights, and Silver Sands Beach are excellent beaches of surfing and kite surfing. Other beaches like Sand Beach, Dove Beach and Maxwell Beach are lovely place to swimming and spending time with family. An important thing to note about most of the beaches is that they have lifeguards. In most of the top tropical vacation destinations in the Caribbean you will find lovely beaches and Barbados is one of the places.

St. Michael Beaches:

In the Parish of St. Michael some of the beaches include Carlisle Bay, Needhams Point, Drill Hall, Brighton Beach, Paradise Beach and Batts Rock bay. The beaches are excellent of water sports activities. Of note though are Carlisle Bay which is an underwater treasure and Brandons Beach which provides excellent sporting activities and a nice shower and changing facilities. Most of these beaches are also equip with lifeguards.

St. James and St. Peters Beaches:


Beaches in St. James include Sandy Lane Bay, Paynes Bay, and Fitts Village while beaches include Mullins Beach and Mullins Beach. The Paynes Bay is good for swimming and snorkeling, and it is the beach where most of the luxury resorts in Barbados are located. These beaches are also equipped with lifeguards. The two beaches in St. Peters are excellent beaches for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.

Barbados is an island that treasures its visitors. Sharing one of these lovely beaches is something all the people on the island will certainly beach happy to do. The island is a wonderful destination of romantic couples, family vacation and those who wants to be pampered in luxury. The island has a wide collection of all-inclusive resorts to the simple holiday rentals which have prices to suit every reason budget. The Caribbean tropical vacation destination of Barbados is a destination that must be experience by all.

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