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Things To Do In Barbados

Things To Do In Barbados - Cricket and Surfing

bridgetown hotel accommodationOne of major colonial influences that has remained in Barbados is the sport of cricket. This sport is played in the country throughout the year. However, during the months of January to June you will find regional and international matches play on the island. This is one of the interesting things to do in Barbados on your vacation. Another exciting activity that many visitors to Barbados enjoy is the awesome water sports activities of surfing.

The island is one of the top surfing tropical vacation spots in the Caribbean. In the month of November, the island host an international surfing competition that brings together professional surfers from across the world. Two aspects of Barbados surfing include the different places for surfing around the island and different places types of surfing locations. There are three top surfing locations on the island. Bathsheba and Tropicana are locations for professional surfing, while Freights Bay is for beginners.

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Things To Do In Barbados - Inland Attractions and Water sports Activities

Although the Barbados is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean the island southern and eastern coastline has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. You will find most of the island's top resorts and hotels located along these coastlines. The various beaches at these locations are excellent to visit and are lovely to look at from a Bird's eye view. Spending time on the beaches are well as viewing them from above are great answers when thinking of things to do in Barbados on your vacation. In addition, the Harrison's Cave is another amazing place to visit in Barbados. This location gives you the opportunity to go on an underground tour of a beautiful cave.

The island of Barbados is one of the excellent tropical Caribbean vacation destination. However, plans for a vacation on the island must be centered around the exciting activities to do on your Barbados vacation. The territory is located in the southern Caribbean and is the only country that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.


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