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Surfing in Barbados

Tips On Surfing in Barbados and Top Surfing Hotels

The top Barbados surfing hotels  offer you some incredible surfing vacation spots when you visit this beautiful Caribbean island. One of the reasons for this is because the island completely surrounding by the Atlantic Ocean. This meaning you will find excellent waves to test your surfing skills. The south end of the island of Christ Church and St. Michael are the most popular spots for you to surf because there are a number of world-class resorts that allow access to surfing. Three of the top surfing Barbados hotels include Sea-U Guest House,  Ocean Spray Beach Apartment and Treasure Beach Hotel. In addition, there three main surfing spots in Barbados. These locations include Tropicana, Bathsheba, and Freights Bay.

Top Surfing Resorts in Barbados

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Surfing spots in Barbados

Surfing In Barbados

Barbados Surfing Spot

Barbados Super Bowl Surfing Competition

Unlike most other Caribbean destination this sport is an important event on Barbados vacation sporting calendar with Super Bowl. This is a world class surfing event done in Bathsheba on the eastern coast of the country held in the month of November.  It is an event you will want to attend if you are thinking of any form of Caribbean holiday with  surfing activities. It is an exciting event that brings together top surfers from throughout the world displaying their skills.

An amazing feature you will like about the island is the small size of the island which will allow you easy access to various lovely beaches without the hassle of a long travel. However, it is most advisable to choose an accommodation close to the coastline because of unpredictability of the waves. This can allow you to have some fun time surfing as you will be sure to get some excellent waves on any given day.

Barbados Surf Rentals

One of the important things you should remember about surfing on a Barbados vacation is that the south coast is the place to surf because of its excellent waters and nightlife activities. The south coast is where many of the all inclusive hotels are located where you can get lovely Barbados resorts packages. Another thing you can rest assured of with the island surfing is the different places offer excellent boards to visitors for rent so you will not have to worry about traveling with your surfing board. Additionally, travelling with your board will cause you to incur more traveling expenses and may damage your surfing board which will be totally your responsibility.

Surfing Boards And Accessories

Where to Surf in Barbados

Professional and Beginners Surfings Spots in Barbados

Another exciting thing that professional surfers will love about the island surf rental businesses are that they have you in mind when you come to stay at a Barbados hotel. The surfing conditions differ at various surfing locations so you will need different surfboard at different breaks. These surf board rentals allow you to change your surf boards at the different break locations so you which will enable you to surf with the ideal board in the right conditions. It must be mentioned that Tropicana on the western coast and Bathsheba on the eastern coast are excellent places for professional surfing while Freights Bay on the southern coast is for beginners.

Other Surfing Spots in Barbados

The south coast of the island has three different break areas which include Freights, South Point and Brandons.  There are other breaks on the south coast of the island, but they are less popular so you should get information from the surfing companies so you will be able to enjoy as much of the islands wonderful surfing experience as possible.  The different Barbados hotels must always be at the top of your list if you are considering a Caribbean destination with surfing options. It is a great experience and every opportunity should the taken so you can enjoy this tropical surfing vacation. Other places on the island that offers surfing are Silver Sands, Accra, South Point, Freights Bay, and NeedHams Point to Oistins. Some all inclusive surfing Barbados hotels packages options are Turtle Beach Resort, Hilton Barbados Hotel and St. Peter’s Bay Holiday Rentals.

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