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Bahamas Vacations - Water Sports Attractions

Sports Fishing Destinations

There are many excellent Bahamas sports fishing and water sports vacation spots you can enjoy. Exuma and Andros are amazing spots to visit if you want to enjoy exciting opportunities to go bonefishing while Bimini and Abaco are two of the best sports fishing locations in the world. The Grand Bahama and Paradise Island are great spots to enjoy some great interactions with dolphins. These are just some of the many exciting things visitors can participate in when on their Bahamas vacations.

Sailing Adventures


There have been a lot said about who about how exciting Bahamas water sports attractions are. Let's take a brief look at some of the reasons why the territory is so rich in marine life attractions. This is a territory that covers over one hundred thousand square miles which is located west of Florida and north of Cuba. There are over two thousand five hundred islands, islets and cays that make up the territory. This feature allows the territory to provide some of the best sailing and island hopping adventures in the Caribbean. In addition, it is estimated that around five percent of the world’s coral reef is located in the Bahamas.

The Gulf Stream Phenomenon


One of the reasons of this large area of coral reef is the Gulf Stream Phenomenon. This is credited for the lovely marine attractions in the territory where strong ocean currents between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean coming together causing a haven for marine life attractions to flourish. The is one of the main reasons why the underwater attractions on the island to so beautiful. Moreover, the underwater visibility of some places to snorkel and scuba diving goes to depths of up to sixty feet. The Grand Bahama, Exuma, Nassau and Paradise Island are some of the places in the territory that give you great opportunities to view great depths while scuba diving and snorkeling. Bahamas vacations are just exciting places with these adventure options.

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The Cove Atlantis A Bahamas Vacation Resort

The Cove Atlantis

The Cove Atlantis

Bahamas Vacations - Grand Bahama, Paradise Island and Nassau Activities

Grand Bahama


The second largest destination in the Bahamas is Grand Bahama. This is home to the Lucayan National Park which is one of the main attractions on the island. It is one of the oldest cave systems in the world that is underwater. Grand Bahama is one of the closest in the territory to the United States mainland. It is about seventy miles off the coast of Florida and a meager three hours journey by air of New York. Bahamas vacations are simply amazing on this small island. This is a place where visitors will get lovely opportunities to enjoy water sports, relax on some beautiful beaches, and enjoy lovely land attractions.

Some Fun Activities in Bahamas

Some of the different activities you can participate in on the island include worship at a church, nature and educational tours, golf, tennis, bird watching, dine at a lovely restaurant and horseback riding. Moreover, there are some lovely resorts at on the island. Some of which include Sunrise Resort And Marina, Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort, Old Bahama Bay By Ginn Sur Mer, Pelican Bay At Lucaya, and Radisson Our Lucaya Resort.

Paradise Island and Nassau

The main areas for vacation in the territory are Paradise Island and Nassau. New Providence is where Nassau is located and is the capital of the territory. Paradise Island and New Providence are joined together by a bridge. The destination of Nassau and Providence Island provide some of the best opportunities to enjoy yourself in the territory. There are opportunities to spend some quiet time at some peaceful secluded resorts while there are the more exciting resorts at these locations as well.

We must mention that the capital of Nassau has some interesting colonial building along with some lovely modern infrastructures. Paradise Island has one of the top water park attractions in the Caribbean. It is a place that must be visited anytime you are in the territory. Bahamas vacations are essentially made around these two destinations. There are lovely opportunities for families, couples, weddings and honeymoons at the various resorts in all these destinations throughout the year.

Visitors will get the opportunity to go shopping, enjoy some lovely spa treatment options, even on the beach, dine at some lovely restaurants while being entertained, play golf and tennis amongst other activities. Some of the top resorts in Paradise Island and Nassau include The Reef Atlantis, One And Only Ocean Club, Paradise Island Resort, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Harborside Resort At Atlantis, Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa, and Riu Paradise Island-All Inclusive.

Bahamas Vacations - Bahamas Water Park Resort

We have mentioned some of the exciting water sports opportunities in the island coastal waters. However, the islands water sports activities are just restricted to coastal attractions. The Atlantis Water Park provides many different dimensions to enjoying the it facilities. There are opportunities to swim with dolphin at the Dolphins Cay location. The Bottlenose dolphin is one of the main species of dolphin that resides in the territory. Visitors are able to swim and interact with these dolphins which are some really fun activities to engage in. There are also opportunities to interact with sea lions at the location. Bahamas vacations are amazing with the Atlantis Water Park attraction.

We have mentioned that there are great opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving in the territory water. This is due mainly to the abundance of lovely coral reefs in the islands. Moreover, there are many sailing and yacht charter companies that will allow you to get the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive different places. Even more interesting are the different the of tours that these yacht and boat charter companies provide. You will have to opportunity to really enjoy yourself on the territory waters with the various sailing and island hopping adventures that these companies provide.


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